At Forcefield we are privileged to work with many professional sports stars, not only heroes from the past, but today's stars and those of the future.

In no particular order we are proud to be associated with the following -

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Armed Forces

Royal Navy Royal Marines Road Racing Team

Royal Navy Royal Marines Road Racing TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

As part of the Royal Navy Royal Marines Motorsport Association the Road Race team is made up of serving and reserve members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

The team has been racing for over 5 years and are part of the Inter Service Championships run by Thundersport GB. The overall aim for the team is represent their service with pride and to compete at a high level against not only the Army and Airforce but the wide talent that race in the paddock.

2016 Inter-Services Champions
2015 Inter-Services Champions

Facebook: @rnrmmt
Twitter: @RNRMRRT
Instagram: rnrmrrt

Pro L2K back protectors, Elite chest protectors

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Royal Navy Royal Marines Downhill Team

Royal Navy Royal Marines Downhill TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The Royal Navy/Royal Marines Downhill Team of 10 riders compete at regional and national level events across the country.

Twitter: @RoyalNavy /RNRMCA

Carve back protectors, Slam 1 Shorts, Boom Shorts.

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Royal Navy Royal Marines Snowboard Team

Royal Navy Royal Marines Snowboard TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The Royal Navy/Royal Marines Snowboard Team of 6 female and 10 male riders compete in RN, interservice level events in France and feed into a combined service team competing at a national level at the Brits in Switzerland.

Facebook: /RoyalNavySnowboarding/
Instagram: /rnsb_team/

Carve back protectors, Slam 1 Shorts, Boom Shorts.

More Info: Website coming soon

RAF Classic Motorcycle Racing Team

RAF Classic Motorcycle Racing TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The RAF Classic Motorcycle Racing Team was formed in 2012 by 3 serving members of the Royal Air Force, each racing Honda MT125Rs. The team is ever expanding with its most recent members bringing a Honda 350K4, Yamaha 400 and most recently a Yamaha 250 to the party.

The team race in the renowned Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC), which is the UKs largest Motorcycle Racing Club and also the World’s largest Classic Motorcycle Racing Club. The club is non-territorial and competes all over the Nation, including Scotland and Wales, with its biggest calendar event for the last 2 years being held at Donington Park. This Classic 3 day meeting attracted 1000’s of spectators who came to see the competitive racing, famous historical machines and retired British and World Champions.

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club:

  • 500cc Aircooled
  • Symon Woodward (4th)
  • 250cc Aircooled
  • Andy Green (6th)
  • David Bond (7th)
  • Chris Bartlett (8th)
  • Symon Woodward (10th)
  • Tom Flynn (11th)
  • James Dickinson (12th)
  • Mick Rudd (13th)
  • Gavin Heggs (18th)
  • 125 Post Classic Piston Port
  • Andy Green (11th)
  • Symon Woodward (14th)
  • Shaun Houston (18th)

Facebook: Royal Air Force Classic Motorcycle Racing Team
Twitter: @classicraceteam


Back protectors, chest protectors, armour in bike leathers. The whole team uses the ARC-ON Apex glove which is fitted with Forcefield armour.

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RAF Snowboarding Team

RAF Snowboarding TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The RAF Snowboard team is skilled in several disciplines, including slalom, freestyle and snowboard-cross.

Personnel are selected following assessment at several RAF Snowboard events, including the RAF Alpine Championships. Team members not only have to be suitably capable riders, but embrace the team ethos. Riders will compete as individuals and often for their stations as the RAF Indoor and Alpine Championships, and then compete as individuals and as a team against the Army, Navy, Australian Defence Force and often the Police at the Inter-Service Championships that take place in Meribel in February. Some members may be selected to represent the Combined Service Team at The Brits Championships in March. RAF personnel have also subsequently gone on to represent Great Britain in the UK and Europe.

Facebook: RAF Winter Sports
Twitter: @RAFSnowboard / @rafwintersport
Instagram: @RAF_Snowboarding

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British Parasnowsport Team

British Parasnowsport TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The British Parasnowsport Team is the British national para-alpine ski and para-snowboard team.

Disability Snowsport UK manages British Parasnowsport and is recognised as the UK National Governing Body for disabled snowsports by the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Ben Moore: Ben entered into extreme sports at a young age on his BMX bike. He discovered snowboarding in 2007 and found his own impressive style on the board. Read more about this world champion here.
Cassie Cava: It's been less than two years since Cassie had her foot amputated but nothing is holding her back! She's taken up snowboarding and her skill and determination keeps her excelling on the slopes.
James Barnes-Miller: James started skateboarding as a schoolboy, before taking up snowboarding five years ago. It's truly impressive how quickly his talent has developed!
Darren Swift: Darren was injured by an IRA bomb in May 1991 while serving with the Army’s Dog Unit in Belfast. Darren has been very active in encouraging other amputees to try snowboarding. 'Swifty' says he's happiest screaming down a mountain. 
Owen Pick: Owen was 18 when his leg was blown off by an IED in Afghanistan. For 18 months he battled to save it but, in 2011, Owen made the tough choice to amputate his leg below the knee. Now 24, what Pick did next is inspirational. From never having tried board sports, he is now a kick-ass wakeboarder and world class snowboarder. "I want to push myself to the limit and prove to other people with injuries that you can still do it no matter what."
Watch his video here.

@British_ParaSnowSport / @crosssnowsports
Simon Nicholson (coach) @CoachNicholson
Ben Moore: @benmooresnow
Cassie Cava: @cassie.cava
James Barnes-Miller: @stubbergram
Darren Swift: @notoeswifty
Owen Pick: @owenpick

Ben Moore: @BenMooreSnow
Cassie Cava: @onelegdontcare @cassie.cava
Owen Pick: @OwenJamesPick

Ben Moore: @benmooresnow
Cassie Cava: @cassie.cava
James Barnes-Miller: @stubbergram
Darren Swift: @notoeswifty
Owen Pick: @owenpick

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British Superbike (BSB)

Daley Mathison

Daley MathisonForcefield Supported Athlete

Daley Mathison is a British Superbike and Isle of Man TT Racer.

He started racing at the age of 12 and has since achieved dozens of podium successes – and a number of race wins.

Facebook: @DaleyMathisonRacing
Twitter: @daleymathison
Instagram: @daleymathison104

Pro Sub 4K back protector, Pro Shirt X-V.

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Bjorn Estment

Bjorn EstmentForcefield Supported Athlete

Bjorn Estment is a South African motorcycle racer in the British Supersport Championship.

Facebook: BjornEstment27HellYeah
Twitter: @bjornestment27
Instagram: @bjorn_e27ment

Back/body protector
Chest protector
Base layer suit pants & shirt

2016 was a year full of many up and many downs along the way on and off the track. Fortunately when it came time to put my Forcefield body armour and base layers to the test, they more than succeeded in doing their job of providing ultimate protection and comfort in every situation!! No serious injury was sustained in the season and maximum rider comfort is standard with the trick bits of equipment Forcefield have come to produce!! I'm always thrilled to have a great sponsor onboard and in Forcefield I trust! Hell yeah!!!

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Christian Iddon

Christian IddonForcefield Supported Athlete

Christian Iddon is a British Superbike rider for Tyco BMW.

Christian has used Forcefield Body Armour for a few seasons now, and is a great ambassador for the brand.

Facebook: christianiddonracing
Twitter: @christianiddon
Instagram: @christianiddon

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Glenn Irwin

Glenn IrwinForcefield Supported Athlete

Glenn Irwin is competing in the 2017 British Superbike (BSB) championship for Be Wiser Ducati.

Facebook: GlennIrwinRacingBSB
Twitter: @GIrwinRacing
Instagram: glennirwin/

More Info: Facebook-Glenn Irwin

Andy Irwin

Forcefield Supported Athlete

Andrew Irwin riding for Gearlink Kawasaki in the British Supersport championship. He is Irish and Ulster supertwin champion 2012.

Facebook: @AndrewIrwinRacing      
Twitter: @AndrewIrwin8
Instagram: Andrewirwin8

Andy wears a Pro L2K back protector, Base Layer T-Shirt and Base Layer Pants.

More Info: Website coming soon

Bradley Ray

Bradley RayForcefield Supported Athlete

Bradley Ray is racing in the British Superbike championship this season onboard the Buildbase Suzuki.

Last season he raced in the British Supersport class and with their own privateer team on a Yamaha R6 with FAB-Racing. He finished 3rd in 2016.

Facebook: @BradRayRacing
Twitter: @BradRayRacing
Instagram: @bradray28

I am very happy to have Forcefield onboard with me this season by supporting me with back protectors, chest protector and under garments.

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Ben Currie

Forcefield Supported Athlete

Ben Currie is riding for Gearlink Kawasaki in the British Supersport class.

Facebook: benjaminjames.currie
Twitter: @BenCurrie61
Instagram: Bencurrie61

Ben wears a Pro L2K back protector, Base Layer Shirt, Base Layer T-Shirt and Base Layer Pants.

More Info: Website coming soon

Fraser Rogers

Forcefield Supported Athlete

Fraser Rogers is competing in the 2017 British Superbike (BSB) championship for Morello Racing.

Facebook: @fraserrogers89
Instagram: @fraserrogers89

Fraser wears a Pro L2K back protector, Base Layer Shirt and Base Layer Pants.

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MPS Sherco Enduro Team

MPS Sherco Enduro TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

MPS Racing is a British, World and European Championship enduro racing team offering up and coming riders the chance to compete with the best in the world.

They started an exciting new chapter in 2015 by changing manufacturer and became the official Sherco motorcycles enduro team for the European and British championships.

They have new line up with two new young riders Jake Subahus and Luke Flack – we’ll be tracking their progress this season.

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Emma Bristow

Emma BristowForcefield Supported Athlete

MRS / Sherco Team.

Ladies Multiple World Champion - Trials and Enduro.

Emma has worn Forcefield Body Armour for a while now, and relies on the lightweight, super comfortable and huge protection to win her world titles!

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Craig Bounds

Craig BoundsForcefield Supported Athlete

Craig Bounds is a veteran of the Enduro racing scene with 9 International six day medals, Scot trial finisher, Red Bull Romaniacs expert finisher and prologue winner twice as well as 3 times Dakar racer to name but a few of his achievements.
2013 Sees Craig facing his demons as he takes on the Dakar again after a horrific crash in 2011 which left him with a serious shoulder injury 

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Motorcycle Adventure

Austin Vince

Austin VinceForcefield Supported Athlete

Austin Vince is best known for his long distance adventure motorcycle expeditions: twice round the world as part of the Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa trips, which were both produced as TV documentaries.

Find out more about Austin's motorcycle adventures on his website.

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Lewis Cornish

Lewis CornishForcefield Supported Athlete

Lewis Cornish is the current FIM Asia Supermoto Champion with an impressive string of titles to his name. He's used Forcefield products since he started racing at the age of 12.


  • FIM Asia Supermoto Champion
  • 2 x British SM4 Champion
  • 1 x British 250 Champion
  • 1 x British Masters S1 Champion
  • 1 x SSM UK S1 Champion
  • Represented Team Great Britain at the Supermoto of Nations 5 times Youngest ever British Supermoto Champion (13 years) plus Australia, Asia, Baltic Championship wins and podiums

Facebook: CRT Supermoto

For Supermoto, MX and MTB Supermoto: Pro Lite K Inserts, Mons Vest, Pro L2K Evo, Upgrade Performance Armour, Pro Pants.
For MX: Extreme Harness Adventure, Pro Pants.
For MTB: Contakt Shorts, Strap on Knee Protectors.

Lewis comments on his use of Forcefield protection: "I've been using Forcefield products since I started racing supermoto and it has saved me from serious injuries on many occasions. For supermoto the Upgrade Armour replaces the somewhat ineffectual original protection, I use Pro Pants under my leathers and it also helps my Cti knee braces from chaffing I also use a selection of back protection depending on the circuit speeds, climate and type of leathers I'm wearing. The comfort, light weight and ease of use is vital in a tough 25 minute supermoto race and it allows me to move around on the bike easily, but its the ultimate impact protection that makes the difference and its always the first thing to be packed into my gear bag. When I'm training on my MX and MTB bikes I have slightly different needs so I use my Extreme Harness which really is the ultimate off-road protection matched to Contakt Shorts and Strap on Knee Protection. I can honestly say I just won't ride without my Forcefield protection, it gives me all the protection and comfort a rider could wish for."

More Info:

Casey Jones

Casey JonesForcefield Supported Athlete

Casey Jones is 10 years old and from Wigan who has been doing Moto X since he was 4 years old. He started on a KTM50cc, recently riding a KTM65cc, and now rides KTM 85cc a year earlier than expected.


  • Won numerous amounts of trophies at club level and appeared in the local press and TMX (trial and motocross news) for his achievements.
  • Started riding at Leisure Lakes MX, Preston Dock MX and other local tracks around the north west & north east.
  • Raced for NLWMCC, MX90S, White Rose MX, SYMX.
  • Loves all types of surfaces and tracks with big jumps!
  • Recently started to ride and compete in Super Moto.
  • Mascot for Dave Clarke Racing (DCR) and Super Moto UK at Choldmondeley Power and Speed event where he hit speeds of 72.3MPH and got to ride with one of his heroes - the 11 times British Super Moto Champion, Chris Hodgson.
  • Completed the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb and will soon take part in a Super Moto demonstration at the Welsh rally.
  • 1st race for Super Moto was only a few weeks ago at the Three Sisters Race Track in Wigan, competing against 23 adults. Came 6th in qualifying and eventually came 11th. Overall win in the stock class taking 1st place!
  • Raced at Rednall taking 1st on the Saturday and the 3 race wins on the Sunday to take 1st overall.

Facebook: caseyjones#135racing

Blade L2 back protector (Casey actually slept in it the 1st night he got it, he said it was that comfortable!) He wore it at Three Sisters for the first time and said it was great whilst racing he didn’t know he had it on.

More Info: Website coming soon

Chris Hodgson

Chris HodgsonForcefield Supported Athlete

Supermoto British Champion.

Chris will use Forcefield for the 2017 season, we wish him luck!

More Info: Website coming soon

Snowsport - Snowboard

Mia Brookes

Mia BrookesForcefield Supported Athlete

Mia Brookes is a 10-year old snowboarder who rides with The Boobytrap and GB Park and Pipe.


  • British, Scottish & English slopestyle, boardercross and halfpipe U12 champion.
  • Swiss Laax minishred champion 2017.

Facebook: @miabr00kes
Twitter: @mia_brookes
Instagram: @mia_brookes

Pro Vest X-V
Limb Tubes
Net Armour (Shoulder)

Message from Mia's mum:'Thanks so much for helping to keep Mia safe on the hill.'

(Photo courtesy of

More Info: Website coming soon

Jamie Barrow

Forcefield Supported Athlete

Jamie Barrow is Britain’s fastest snowboarder, having reached a speed of 151.6kph (94.2mph) in 2013.

He continues to push himself on his snowboard – powered by electric jet engines and towed by vehicles - to set more speed records and perform daring stunts.

• 2008 British Youth Snowboard Cross Champion.
• 2009/2010/2011 British Junior Snowboard Cross Champion.
• Set the British Snowboard Speed Record of 151.6kph and became Britain’s Fastest Snowboarder.
• World Indoor Speed Record of 69.4kph.


Mons Vest, Slam Shorts and Base Layer Neck Tube

More Info:

Jamie Nicholls

Jamie NichollsForcefield Supported Athlete

A professional snowboarder from Bradford in England, Jamie Nicholls grew up riding the Snowflex slope at Halifax in Yorkshire where he would spend most evenings trying to progress as much as he could while having fun with his friends.

Jamie competed all over the UK and made a habit of winning from early on which led to him turning professional as soon as he left school since when he has gone on to make a mark on both the European and Worldwide scene riding for Red Bull and Nike 6.0

More Info:

Joshua Bowman

Joshua BowmanForcefield Supported Athlete

Joshua is a young snowboarder from Mammoth Mountain, USA. He completes in international competitions all around the world, including USA, New Zealand and China.


  • Cardrona Games – 09.12.16 – Cardrona, New Zealand – 8th
  • REV Tour – 12.08.16 – Copper Mountain, CO – 21st
  • U.S. Grand Prix – 12.14.16 – Copper Mountain, CO – 35th


  • TTR WSPL Ranking – 39th
  • REV Tour – 12.07.15 – Copper Mountain, CO – 9th
  • REV Tour – 12.08.15 – Copper Mountain, CO – 9th
  • U.S. Grand Prix – 01.18.16 – Mammoth Mountain, CA – 12th
  • REV Tour – 01.29.16 – Mammoth Mountain, CA – 4th
  • TTR World Championships – 03.10.16 – Yabuli, China – Invited, Cancelled due to condition of halfpipe
  • USASA Nationals – 04.07.16 – Copper Mountain, CO – Open Men – 6th

2014/15 Season

  • REV Tour 2015—3rd Place Overall Ranking for Halfpipe
  • REV Tour – 01.29.15 – Seven Springs, PA – 1st
  • U.S Grand Prix– 2.5.15 – Mammoth, CA – Invited, but it was cancelled due to weather
  • REV Tour – 02.12.15 –Mammoth, CA – 11th
  • Junior World Championships – 3.13.15 – Yabuli, China – 8th
  • REV Tour – 03.20.15—Mammoth, CA- Will Be Competing--TBA
  • USASA Nationals – 03.31.15 – Copper Mountain, CO – Open Men – 6th

Facebook: (regular facebook) (athlete page)
Instagram: @Jdbowman99   
Twitter: @jdbowman99
Snapchat: @jdbowman

Pro Shirt X-V: The Pro Shirt X-V is the most comfortable body armor I have ever worn. This body armor has protected me from a tremendous amount of falls and has helped me avoid getting hurt worse.
Slam Shorts: These Slam Shorts have protected me from multiple falls where I could have bruised my tail bone. I won’t go snowboarding without these shorts because in the past years when I didn’t wear them, I had multiple injuries to my tail bone that cost me a couple days of training.
Roots Inner Soles: The Roots Inner Soles have been a lifesaver when I land deep on a jump or hit the flats in the half pipe.
Tornado Advance Pants: I use the Tornado Advance Pants on powder and cold days because of the warmth that comes with them. This insulation has worked phenomenally and keeps me warm and not too hot.

More Info:

Jenny Jones

Jenny JonesForcefield Supported Athlete

Jenny Jones is the UK's most globally respected and successful professional snowboarder.

Since bursting onto the scene as a precociously talented teenager in 1999, she has entered and won countless big air and slopestyle competitions - including three X-Games gold medals in a row between 2009 and 2010 and a fantastic Bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics - and starred in some of the biggest shred movies of the last decade

More Info:

Nate Kern

Nate KernForcefield Supported Athlete

From a young age Nate Kern was really into sport from football, basketball, skateboarding and wakeboarding which led eventually to snowboarding and a new passion.

From growing up in Southern England Nate is now based in Breckenridge inside the incredible rocky mountains of Colorado.

Nate spends his time traveling around the globe to train, film and compete and recently got involved with the British Snowboard Team whom he hopes to work more closely with in the build up to the 2014 Olympics in Russia.

More Info:

Snowsport - Ski-Cross

Filip Flisar

Filip FlisarForcefield Supported Athlete

Slovenian Filip Flisar is a skiing jack-of-all-trades, competing in skiercross, alpine events and even some halfpipe. He's now focused on skiercross and ready to redeem himself after a lackluster performance in Skier X 2011.

He says he's calm under pressure and not intimidated by big events and won his first event the FIS World Cup at Alpe d'Huez in mid-January 2012.


More Info:

Peter Whelan

Peter WhelanForcefield Supported Athlete

Peter started skiing when he was eight, on a dry ski slope with his school. He picked up the basics almost instantly and over the next couple of years he continued to ski on 'plastic' with his local race team in regional plastic races. His coach at the time, Helmut Gabl, told Peter's parents about his potential and advised them that Peter should start racing on snow.

Having been on one skiing holiday Peter entered his first race, at the English Championships, with no training or trainer; he finished fourth, demonstrating his talent in the sport. That summer Peter went on his first snow training camp aged ten, and joined Sandown Park ski racing club. With the help of some great Swiss coaches Peter greatly improved over the next few years.

Peter was selected for the British Alpine Children's Ski team the first year he moved into the new age group and skied for the next few years with them, winning many British titles and finishing in the top 15 in his last year of children's competition in Abertone, Italy. When Peter was 15 he moved into FIS racing and joined the British Development Team. Some extremely competitive races in central Europe over the next few years encouraged Peter to improve and he was selected for the British Senior Alpine Ski Team. At the British Championships Peter performed extremely well and remains the best ranked British Junior Downhill racer ever.

Peter's move to ski cross took place in the 2009/2010 season, when he heard more and more about the new sport. In his first race Peter was badly injured, highlighting to him the dangers of the new sport he was pursuing a career in. At the end of the season Peter produced some good results on the European Cup circuit. In the southern hemisphere season Peter won the South American Cup series, and will start the 2010/2011 season amongst the top 20 in the world. He is now Britain's top ranked male skier.

More Info: Website coming soon

Motorcycle Racing - Speedway

James Sarjeant

James SarjeantForcefield Supported Athlete

James Sarjeant is a British Speedway rider who has just signed for Leicester Lions (Premiership) and Glasgow Tigers (Championship).

James: 'I started riding bikes at the age of 9 and got my first speedway bike (150cc) around the age of 11. I raced in the under 15 British championship (500cc) in which I finished 2nd two years running. When turning 15 I signed for Scunthorpe in the national league of British speedway, went on to to ride for Dudley, Rye House, Stoke and Coventry in this league. I signed for Coventry Bees at the age of 18/19 and continued to ride for the Bees for the next 4 seasons making play-off semis and finals with them (2015 & 2016) before the club being forced to exit the league due to track/stadium issues. I’ve also raced for Glasgow, Ipswich and Workington in the championship leagues making play-off finals with Glasgow (2015) and play off semi finals with Ipswich (2016).'

2015 New Zealand champion

Facebook: JamesSarjeantRacing
Twitter: @jamessarjeant3

Pro Shirt, Pro L2K Dynamic back protector, Contakt Shorts.

More Info: Website coming soon

Jordan Jenkins

Jordan JenkinsForcefield Supported Athlete

The first rider in the UK to start using the Gerhard GTR speedway engine, who wasn’t either a GP/elite league rider.


  • 3rd in the 2016 British Youth Championships.
  • Winning 2 rounds, and making the podium on all bar 2 meetings (due to mechanical failures).
  • Named as a National League (NL) rider for Mildenhall Fen Tigers, once the day before he reached his 15th birthday (2nd August 2016). Rode his first professional meeting at 15 yrs and 5 days of age, a joint record for Mildenhall.
  • Scored well in all NL meetings, contributing to team wins.
  • Ridden in many 2nd halves throughout the year, primarily at Ipswich, kings Lynn and Mildenhall, although also at other tracks when opportunities have arisen.
  • Ridden as a guest for Eastbourne helping them make the Challenge cup final.

Jordan is great demand for the 2017 season with a significant number of NL teams chasing him to ride for them. We are being told he has great potential and a great future in the sport.

Body armour pro shirt, shorts, and base layers.

The Forcefield kit is great quality and really comfortable to wear, while offering the protection I need to race in Speedway. Thank you for the continued support from Forcefield.

More Info: Website coming soon

Tai Woffinden

Gary Havelock

Gary HavelockForcefield Supported Athlete

Simply one of the greatest British speedway riders of all time who returned to his roots in season 2006 to captain the Redcar Bears.

British Under-21 Champion, European Junior Champion, Twice British Champion, Overseas Champion, WORLD CHAMPION, Elite League Riders Champion.

More Info:

Snowsport - Teams

Great Britain SBX Team

Great Britain SBX TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

Nine riders and two coaches representing GB across Europe in Europa and World Cup competitions riding towards glory at the 2014 Olympics.

Between October and April they are based in Morzine and train in Avoriaz.

More Info:

Great Britain Speed Ski Team

Great Britain Speed Ski TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

Speedskiing is the fastest non-motorised sport on Earth. Extreme speed, extreme danger = the need for the best protection available!

More Info:

Salomon FreeSki UK Team

Salomon FreeSki UK TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The cream of the UK Freeski scene headed up by Freeski legend Pat Sharples.

More Info: Website coming soon

Salomon Snowboard UK Team

Salomon Snowboard UK TeamForcefield Supported Athlete

The cream of the UK Snowboard scene choose to wear Forcefield!

More Info: Website coming soon

Motorcycle Road Race

Ryan Farquhar

Ryan FarquharForcefield Supported Athlete

Ryan Farquhar is a professional motorcycle racer who primarily competes in road racing. He won the Dukes Road Racing Rankings four times, and has secured titles in the Irish Championship, Ulster Championships and Motorcycling Ireland Championships.

Twitter: @ryanfarquhar77

Commenting on his serious crash in May 2016 (pictured right): "Regarding my North West 200 accident, I strongly believe that the protection from my Forcefield back protector saved me from a serious back injury."

More Info:

Gary Johnson

Olie Linsdell

Motorcycle Track

Neave Twins

Neave TwinsForcefield Supported Athlete

Tim and Tom Neave are the Neave Twins - competition motorcycle racers from Market Rasen.

Facebook: @neavetwins
Twitter: @neavetwins

Pro L2K Evo back protector, Elite Chest Protector, Contakt Shorts.


More Info:

Luke Stapleford

Luke StaplefordForcefield Supported Athlete

Luke competes in the World Supersport Championship 2016 for Profile Racing. In 2016, he managed 2 front row starts with a pole position in the final round of the season at Qatar and a best finish of 5th.


  • 2002 WTP British Kart Championship – 1st

British Superbikes

  • 2008 National Superstock 600 Championship for Hawk Racing – 7th – First season - 1 Podium (2nd)
  • 2009 National Superstock 600 Championship for Buildbase Kawasaki – 8th – 2 Podiums (2nd,3rd)
  • 2010 National Superstock 600 Championship for Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing – 2nd – 5 Podiums (2x1st, 2x2nd, 1x3rd)
  • 2011 British Supersport Championship for Profile / Bournemouth Kawasaki – 10th
  • 2012 British Supersport Championship for Profile Racing – Missed most of season due to Injury
  • 2013 British Supersport Championship for Profile Racing – 13th
  • 2014 British Supersport Championship for Profile Racing – 6th – 5 Podiums (2x2nd, 3x3rd)
  • 2015 British Supersport Championship for Profile Racing – 1st – 20 Podiums (14x1st, 3x2nd, 3x3rd)
  • 2016 World Supersport Championship for Profile Racing – 1x Pole Position, 2x Front Row Starts, best finish of 5th.

Twitter: @lucra8
Instagram: @lucra8

Forcefield products are simply second to none, the comfort combined with the safety are something that is paramount to me and I would strongly recommend there products to any rider.

Next season he will remain with the Profile Racing team in the World Supersport Championship and will aim to challenge for the World Supersport title.

More Info:

Luke Hedger

Danny Buchan

Thomas Strudwick

Thomas StrudwickForcefield Supported Athlete

Thomas Strudwick is the youngest ever novice British Championship race winner, aged at just 13 years, 247 days.


  • Youngest Ever National Novice Race Winner (BSB Confirmed).
  • Finished 2nd in european championship race (Moriwaki 250 Cup).
  • Attended Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection event and got to the final 40 world riders.
  • Metrakit MiniGP 70 British Champion.


PRO L2K EVO Back Protector: "I absolutely love using the Forcefield Body Armour PRO L2K Evo Back protector, mainly because it offers the support and strength while riding the bike but also allows the movement that is needed when racing motorbikes at high speed."
Elite Chest Protector: "The Elite Chest Protector is really nice to use as it is extremely comfortable and moulds around the chest but is also very supportive when riding."

More Info:

Jake Dixon

Ben Wilson

Graeme Gowland

James Egan

James EganForcefield Supported Athlete

More Info: jamesegan blogspot

Adam Jenkinson

Moto X and Super Moto

Casey Jones

Casey JonesForcefield Supported Athlete

Casey Jones is 10 years old and from Wigan who has been doing Moto X since he was 4 years old. He started on a KTM50cc, recently riding a KTM65cc, and now rides KTM 85cc a year earlier than expected.


  • Won numerous amounts of trophies at club level and appeared in the local press and TMX (trial and motocross news) for his achievements.
  • Started riding at Leisure Lakes MX, Preston Dock MX and other local tracks around the north west & north east.
  • Raced for NLWMCC, MX90S, White Rose MX, SYMX.
  • Loves all types of surfaces and tracks with big jumps!
  • Recently started to ride and compete in Super Moto.
  • Mascot for Dave Clarke Racing (DCR) and Super Moto UK at Choldmondeley Power and Speed event where he hit speeds of 72.3MPH and got to ride with one of his heroes - the 11 times British Super Moto Champion, Chris Hodgson.
  • Completed the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb and will soon take part in a Super Moto demonstration at the Welsh rally.
  • 1st race for Super Moto was only a few weeks ago at the Three Sisters Race Track in Wigan, competing against 23 adults. Came 6th in qualifying and eventually came 11th. Overall win in the stock class taking 1st place!
  • Raced at Rednall taking 1st on the Saturday and the 3 race wins on the Sunday to take 1st overall.

Facebook: caseyjones#135racing

Blade L2 back protector (Casey actually slept in it the 1st night he got it, he said it was that comfortable!) He wore it at Three Sisters for the first time and said it was great whilst racing he didn’t know he had it on.

More Info: Website coming soon

Pro Jet Ski

Brad Rickaby

Brad RickabyForcefield Supported Athlete

Pro jet ski racer with multiple British titles, 1 European cup and 1 world title under his belt. Racing out of Budapest for György Kasza.


  • 6x British Champion
  • 1x Pro European Cup Champion
  • 1x World Champion

Recently came back from the World Championships where he achieved 7th place in pro stock class.

Facebook: bradrickaby106 (sportsperson/athletes page)
Twitter: @bradrickaby
Instagram: @bradrickaby

Action shorts - upper leg protection
Pro L2k Evo - back protection
Strap on knee protectors - lower leg protection

I have tried numerous body armour brands and products over my racing career and so far and Nothing compares to Forcefield for its lightweight, flexibility, comfort and strength when racing, whatever the conditions!

More Info: Website coming soon

Anya Colley

Anya ColleyForcefield Supported Athlete

British, European and World champion racing jet skis against the guys!


  • 7x IJSBA World Champion
  • 2x Ladies European Champion
  • 2x British Champion
  • Thailand Kings Cup Champion
  • Morocco Kings Cup Ladies Champion
  • East Midlands RYA Young Sailor of the Year

(These titles are racing with men except the ones that say ladies in them).

Facebook: anyacolley
Twitter: @anyacolley52
Instagram: @anyacolley52

Airo Vest: I use the Airo vest for motocross and I love this product. I’ve tried other manufacturers of chest and back proctectors but they were all too stiff & restricting. The Airo Vest provide the flexibility, comfort & ease of movement while offering the maximum protection in the areas I need it too. Also being female it’s hard to find a product which fits comfortably around the chest area which the Airo Vest fits nicely. So personally I love this product for motocross and I don’t ride without it.  
L2 Back Protector: My favourite thing about all Forcefield products I’ve tried so far is their comfort, light weight & flexibility which allows me to continue with maximum performance in the sports I do while being confident I have the maximum protection too. The way this back protector fits around my body shape, whether I’m stood on the jet ski or sat down means I have no restrictions to my movements from it. Again another product I love and will continue to use in any sport I do.

More Info:

AMA Pro Racing

Joey Pascarella

Joey PascarellaForcefield Supported Athlete

Winner of the prestigious Daytona 200 Joey has been a top-flight racer since his early teens with a number of AMA Supermoto titles under his belt and also won the 2010 AMA Pro SuperSport West Championship.

More Info: JoeyPascarellaRacing-Facebook

Stefano Mesa

Stefano MesaForcefield Supported Athlete

Stefano is a Colombian born American who has been riding since he was five years old. His first bike was a KTM50 which he received for Christmas in 1999. After racing in a variety of classes from supermoto to quad bike Stefano will compete in the highly competitive  2013 AMA Pro SuperSport East series.

More Info:

Robertino Pietri

Robertino PietriForcefield Supported Athlete

Hailing from Anzoategui, Venezuela 28 year old Robertino has raced at world level regurarly competing in the Moto GP Moto 2 championship.
In 2013 robertino will race in the flag ship US race series the AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike

More Info:

Kyle Wyman

Kyle WymanForcefield Supported Athlete

Kyle Wyman started riding motorcycles at the age of 5 on a 1994 Yamaha PW50 and since then has ridden and raced a variety of bikes including enduro, dirt track, flat track and AMA Supersport.
2013 will see Kyle on board a Harley Davidson XR12 in the 2013 AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series.

More Info:

Snowsport - Freeskiing

Peter Speight

Peter SpeightForcefield Supported Athlete

Sheffield based Peter now competes for the Great Britain Freeski team in Halfpipe after being selected for the team in summer 2013. He also loves riding big jumps and backcountry and thinks of himself as an all-rounder and is now traveling the World entering competitions and training hard for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics!

More Info:

James Machon

James MachonForcefield Supported Athlete

The British Freestyle Skiing Half Pipe champion is currently the only British male competing at World Cup level.

Skiing since the age of 7 James won his first competition at the age of 14 the Yorkshire Championships and has since gone on to win the British Freestyle Skiing Half pipe championship 3 times and has competed in the Winter Dew Tour, World Championships, World Cup, European Open, and is working towards the Olympics in 2014 where the Freestyle Skiing Half Pipe will feature for the very first time as an official sport.

More Info:

Rob Machon

Rob MachonForcefield Supported Athlete

Previously an ice hockey player Rob adapted the skills from skating into skiing and became a moguls skier. At 14 Rob started trying out Half Pipe and Slope Style at Sheffield Dry Ski Slope and since then he hasn’t looked back on his moguls or ice hockey days and has quickly became one Britain’s best.
Rob competed in his first World Cup at just 16 placing 32nd making him realise he had made it onto the world scene. For the last 3 years Rob has been travelling around Europe and America training with the best coaches and getting great results at the British Championships, European Opens in Switzerland and the Regional series and the Aspen Open in America.
Robs next thing on his to do list is compete at the 2014 Olympics which has been his dream since he discovered skiing.

More Info: Website coming soon

Katie Summerhayes

Katie SummerhayesForcefield Supported Athlete

At 6 years old Katie learned to ski on the artificial slope at Sheffield and after joining the Sharks she discovered her love for Freestyle skiing.  After her first competition at 9 years old she knew she wanted to stay with 'freestyle' skiing and began to train more with this in mind.
At the age of 15 Katie was thrilled to be invited to the 2011 FIS World Championships in the USA; here she was taking part in the Halfpipe and Slopestyle events, this was the first time that Slopestyle had been included and Katie was determined to go. With a fantastic 11th place in Slopestyle (only just missing out on the finals) and 14th in the Halfpipe these results  were  a great achievement for her first major competition.  With a Euro X Games invite in March 2011 this season has turned into an exciting journey that Katie has set her sights on continuing.
Katie trains all year round on the dry slopes and indoor slopes of the UK and she attends regular trampoline coaching and fitness sessions. Mountain snow time is taken whenever possible and when her studies allow. The opportunity to train on full time basis is what she is aiming for after school has finished in 2012.
After the IOC decision to allow both the Halfpipe and Slopestyle events in the full Winter Olympics Katie has set her goals on competing in the games. There is an exciting future ahead for Freestyle skiing and hopefully Katie

More Info:

Julian Ball

Julian BallForcefield Supported Athlete

Julian Ball first went skiing when he was 9 years old on a family holiday to Courmayeur, Italy, he skied hard on every holiday until he was 12 and from 13-19 years old he switched to snowboarding including completing two seasons, in Argentina and Whistler, working as a snowboard instructor. In Whistler he slowly made the swap back to Skiing.
After Whistler Julian studied Sports Coaching and Leisure Management at Oxford Brookes University. Whilst studying he competed in a number of inter-university freestyle competitions with great success placing 1st, twice, and 3rd twice. In the Northern Hemisphere summers he travels to New Zealand to try and hone his skills at Snowpark, Cardrona and Treble Cone.
After university he spent one season  in Val d'isere followed by two in Morzine working on both park and back country riding. For the past couple of summers he has spent a month or two on the glacier at Saas Fee, Switzerland.
Julian now spends the winter season traveling all over Europe where he compete at the highest level and is the star of many ski movies.

More Info: Website coming soon

Ally Watson

Ally WatsonForcefield Supported Athlete

Film specialist Ally Watson started out in freestyle at the age of 15 his style progressing through to big mountain and backcountry freestyle with a focus on being out in the natural environment of the mountains.

Working with Unity-Productions, a British film productions company he will be concentrating on filming for video parts as well as working with photographers throughout the year. Dramatic shots guaranteed.

More Info:

Scandinavian Superbike

Tage Solberg

Tage SolbergForcefield Supported Athlete

Tage Solberg has spent more than a decade travelling and racing all over Europe. Competing in Norwegian, Swedish and Nordic Championships, IDM, ONK, Nordic Endurance and with wildcards in World Championship Supersport 600.  This has resulted in 1 championship, many race victories, pole positions and experience on many different bikes and tracks.

In 2011 he started his own team; TSR – Tage Solberg Racing. One of the goals of the new team is to promote motorcycle sport and to assist the new generation of racers. When not racing himself he enjoys supporting youngsters on the track and helping his club, SMCK, to organize their events.

Norwegian Champion Supersport 600
2 race wins European Championship Supersport 600, Sweden and Spain
4th place IDM Supersport
Runner-up Nordic Championship Superbike
3rd place Norwegian Championship 600 Production

More Info:

Stunt Performers

The Purple Helmets

The Purple HelmetsForcefield Supported Athlete

We are supporting the Purple Helmets motorbike stunt team!
MPS Racing’s Mick Seward will be riding with the Purple Helmets at the IOM TT and ISDE this year.

The Purple Helmets are world famous and always put on a spectacular show for the tens of thousands of visitors who travel to the Isle of Man every year for the TT races.


More Info:

Riky Ash

Riky AshForcefield Supported Athlete

Riky Ash is a highly skilled, experienced and talented Stuntman, Stunt co-ordinator and Actor.
Riky has doubled over 200 children and adults of all statures and has safely performed over 1000 stunts and successfully co-ordinated many other projects. His achievements have been honoured in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book Of Records.

More Info:

Atkinson Action Horses

Atkinson Action HorsesForcefield Supported Athlete

Owned and run by the Atkinson family, who have devoted the past 15 years to providing highly trained horses and riders to Film, TV and Live Events. Over the years they have appeared in advertising, feature films & blockbuster movies, TV, documentaries, major live historical re-enactments, jousts and stunt shows around Europe.

More Info:

Vertical Trix

Vertical TrixForcefield Supported Athlete

Vertical Trix are Europe's number 1 Motorcycle Stunt Display Team. Their large yummy stunt cake is made up of three key ingredients, James Bowman, Chris Walton and Lee Ludoski. Vertical Trix has taken Europe by storm and left thousands of spectators across the UK with grazed chins from the jaw-dropping action that has wowed the masses.

More Info:

Marlow Warrington-Mattei

Marlow Warrington-MatteiForcefield Supported Athlete

Marlow moved to England in 2001 where he joined the prestigious NEC Harlequins Rugby Academy. With shear determination and hard work changing positions and Bering team captain in his respective age groups he finally got the attention of the England Under 19’s head coach and began earning himself several international caps for his country.

In 2004 he made a decision to follow a childhood dream of becoming a stunt performer. After three and a half years of training in various sports disciplines such as kickboxing, gymnastics, rock climbing, Trampolining and many more Marlow managed to become an Equity registered Stunt Performer in 2008.

He has since worked on Blockbuster movies such has Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Skyfall, Snow White and the Huntsman, Wrath of the Titans and many more doubling actors such as Dominic West, Sam Worthington and Joey Ansah.

More Info:

Drag Racing

Domonic Anderson

Domonic AndersonForcefield Supported Athlete

Factory sponsored in part Drag Racer for BMW Mottorad; Domonic Anderson is no stranger for the need for speed.

Known by peers and colleagues within the drag race community, Domonic has become a coach and spokesperson for many new drag racers as well as a test rider for major manufactures and custom builders.

Becoming BMW's first pro African American drag racer, he was the first to debut the S1000RR at the drag strip.

Right out of high school, he found his passion to race when invited to a local drag strip with friends.

Challenging his new hobby, he entered the MiRock SuperBike Racing Series and made a name for himself by achieving low ET numbers on stock wheel base bikes.

In 2008, rookie Domonic Anderson entered the AMA Drag Racing Series finishing within the top ten in the nation.

Since then he has been featured in numerous national magazines, radio talk shows and meet and greet events nationwide.

More Info:

Motorcycle Racing - Teams

Darvill Racing

Darvill RacingForcefield Supported Athlete

Darvill Racing began in the fifties by Peter Darvill; he had considerable successes throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as a solo rider being crowned World Endurance Champion (on his own machine) in 1971.Peter suffered a major injury during a race in Barcelona in 1976 racing for the Factory Honda Team that ended his solo race career, however as soon as he could walk again he re-joined the world endurance circuits as Team Manager.
He continued as Team Manager of Darvill Racing up until the 1999 when he officially retired. This didn’t last long and only four years later in 2003 he was persuaded to support a Team with his machines, this arrangement remained in place until February 2009 when he handed over the reins to Alex Aitchison.
Since then Alex has developed a team flexible enough to participate in multiple events across Europe on any given weekend. They focus on National and International events which include pure road races (such as the TT and Manx Grand Prix), Endurance races (classic and modern both in the UK and Europe) and Classic and modern race series. Over the years they have achieved many successes and continue to push the boundaries, winning races and turning heads in the process.

More Info:

Snowsport - Sit Ski

Tim Farr

Tim FarrForcefield Supported Athlete

Tim Farr is a Winter Paralympian and one of the senior and top Athletes of the British Disabled Ski Team

Tim started skiing at an early age and has carried on his love of the mountains. After breaking his back in 2004 on a university ski trip he knows the importance of good body protection more than anybody. Within a year of Breaking his back Tim was back on the slopes out in America and within another year had joined the British Development squad.

Over the last few year Tim has gone from strength to strength and now competes at World Cup, Europa Cup and NorAm events competing in Slalom, GS Super G and Downhill. His focus is now completely set on the qualifying for Sochi 2014.

More Info:

Anna Turney

Anna TurneyForcefield Supported Athlete

Paralympic Alpine Ski Racer, Anna Turney, finished 6th in the Vancouver Paralympics only 4 years after becoming paralysed whilst snowboard racing. Anna watched the Torino Olympics from a hospital bed in Japan and resolved to become a Paralympic skier.

Anna is hungry for medals. She is currently training for the 2013 World Championships and going for gold in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics!

More Info:

Horse Racing

Philip Carberry

Philip CarberryForcefield Supported Athlete

Hailing from one of the fore-most racing families in Ireland, Philip Carberry, born on 1 November 1980, is the son of jockey Tommy Carberry, who was a famous National Hunt jockey in the 1960s and 1970s. His uncle is Arthur Moore, one of Ireland’s leading National Hunt trainers and his siblings, Paul, Peterjon and Nina, are also successful Irish riders.

His first win came in 1997 on Native Status for his father Tommy, he progressed through the ranks and won the Irish Grand National in 2006 on Point Barrow, followed by the French Gold Cup (Grand Steeple Chase de Paris) on Princesse D'Anjou. He also won the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham on Sublimity in 2007 before winning again the Grand Steeple Chase de Paris on Princesse D'Anjou.  He has had many other major wins besides these In France where he has lived full time in Chantilly just outside Paris since 2009. His proudest moment was winning the Irish

More Info: Philip Carberry Twitter Feed

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