Forcefield Dealer Spotlight

The Snowboard Shop - Fleet - Hampshire

29/10/2013 09:50:00

Once Upon a time there was a very grumpy man. He worked in a job he hated, working for 'the man' doing meaningless tasks that crushed his soul and soured his mood. He left his job, packed his bags and travelled across the Atlantic in search of mountains covered in the freshest snow. For months he snowboarded every day, loving being in the mountains and loving his life. But, all good things must come to an end. With tears in his eyes and a pain in his heart he returned to his homeland. With no work and little money a decision had to be made. To go back to work for the corporate monster was not a possibility this enlightened man could face, and so with balls of steel (and a ridiculously supportive wife) he sold his house, moved in with his parents and used the money to build his dream - a Snowboard Shop where he could stock his favourite brands and meet likeminded snowboarders.

The result? Seven winters on, and still going strong, The Snowboard Shop are an independently owned and run snowboard shop that stocks top brands at decent prices. ALL of the staff are snowboarders so they have first-hand experience in the equipment they stock and extensive knowledge about what could work best for your next trip to the mountains. They stock everything you need to start or continue your snowboarding adventure from boards, boots and bindings through to clothing, luggage and a full range of accessories.

You could buy online at but if you're close enough, they'd love to meet you in the shop, talk snowboarding and have a cuppa. Drop by and experience the joy that is an independent snow/skate store, run by guys that know their stuff and are only too happy to chew the fat with enthusiastic customers...

The Snowboard Shop Fleet Outside

The Snowboard Shop Fleet Forcefield

The Snowboard Shop Fleet Inside

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