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Contakt Shorts feature in Mountain Bike Action Magazine's 'Buyers Guide'

20/03/2018 12:32:00

Forcefield Contakt Shorts feature in Mountain Bike Action Magazine's 'Buyers Guide 2018'. These armoured riding shorts offer maximum comfort, protection and performance.


Forcefield Body Armour - 'serious manufacturers of protective kit'

13/03/2018 12:35:00

Here's a great article about Forcefield Body Armour - 'serious manufacturers of protective kit' - from the May issue of RiDE magazine.

Under 'The Best of British' banner, it highlights our ‘huge range of high-performance back protectors, armoured layers, upgrade insert armour and base layers.

The Pro L2K Dynamic Back Protector and Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour are pictured here.


Upshift Magazine reviews our new FreeLite back protector

06/03/2018 09:28:00

Upshift Magazine reviews our new FreeLite back protector in the March issue.


Pro L2K Dynamic features in Rider Magazine's 'New & Cool' list

15/02/2018 12:40:00

Forcefield's Pro L2K Dynamic back protector features in Rider Magazine's 'New & Cool Product Spotlights' list to be published in the April 2018 issue.

The Pro L2K Dynamic replaces it's predecessor the Pro L2K Evo.


In The Snow's 'Buyers Guide' features our Boom Shorts Ti for kids and adults

07/02/2018 14:37:00

In The Snow's 'Buyers Guide' features our Boom Shorts Ti for children and adults.


Motor Cycle Monthly reviews our new FreeLite back protector

07/02/2018 12:55:00

Motor Cycle Monthly has reviewed our new FreeLite back protector in the February issue of the magazine.


Forcefield Limb Tubes feature in the Fall Line Skiing Magazine 'Gear Guide'

05/02/2018 11:41:00

Forcefield Limb Tubes (Elbow/Knee Protectors) feature in the Fall Line's Skiing Magazine 'Gear Guide', published earlier this month.


Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine reviews the new Pro Vest

30/01/2018 09:53:00

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine reviews the new Pro Vest X-V in their February 2018 issue.


Snow.Guide reviews the Forcefield Mons Vest

22/01/2018 09:42:00

Below is a brilliant review of our Mons Vest by Snow.Guide. This back protector designed for snow sports scored a huge 9.5 out of 10.

'I have been wearing Forcefield back protectors for years, so I was eager to try out the new Forcefield Mons Vest.

I tested the Forcefield Mons Vest out on a short snowboarding trip to Tignes. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight this back protector is. And, because the back protector is incorporated into a vest, it was a snug fit without being uncomfortable. There is an optional waist fastener to make it a more snug fit, but I didn’t need it.

Forcefield have also managed to give the vest a low profile so fits nicely under a jacket and no one would even know that you are wearing a back protector. I was wearing the vest over my base layer and under my shirt, which fitted well. Although, the vest is still categorised as CE level 2 which is ideal for snowsports.

I also like the new styling from Forcefield. They have moved away from their signature light blue to a two tone combination with royal blue. This may only be a small detail, but one that I welcome.

The Forcefield Mons Vest was perfect for snowboarding as it was so light I completely forgot I was wearing one. I also had complete freedom of movement as the back protector didn’t restrict me at all.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have any big wipe outs so didn’t get to test out the credentials of the back protector. It does have a high energy absorption so softening the blow for your back. If you do have a slam, the Mons Vest has repeat Performance Technology so it can be used again and again. Forcefield is a brand that protects some of the UK’s finest pros like Jamie Barrow. Considering that barrow is officially Britain’s fastest snowboarder, if it is good enough for him then it is good enough for me!

Another great feature of the Mons Vest is that it is machine washable. Simply remove the back protector from the inside and bung the vest in the wash. The material is also anti-bacterial so should last you a few days on the mountain before needing a wash.

The vest has a highly breathable fabric that utilises BeCool technology. This works like your very own climate control system for your skin, removing wet or hot air to regulate your body temperature.

If I was to spend time in the park hitting rails and getting big air, I would probably choose the Forcefield Ultra-Lite Back Protector. But for long days shredding the slopes, where comfort is needed with the protection, the Forcefield Mons Vest will be my choice for this season.'

This review can be viewed on the Snow.Guide website at


Motorcycle Gear Hub gives Forcefield Action Shorts a 5/5

02/01/2018 16:13:00

Below is a review of our Action Shorts by Motorcycle Gear Hub. These armoured shorts scored 5/5 for Protection, Fitment, Design and Quality of Materials and 4/5 for Value for Money, achieving an overall Motorcycle Gear Hub rating of 5/5. Excerpts of the review are below, with the full review available on their website.

'The Best Armored Underwear for Riders: Forcefield Action Pro Shorts
I’ve always been sort of baffled as to how so many motorcycle pants nowadays lack any protection for the buttocks and thighs. Hip protection doesn’t fare any better either, and, many times, you will find leather and textile pants offering some measly foam at the hips or none at all. But, here’s the thing, hip fractures are very common in motorcycle crashes and they are a pain in the derriere (pun intended!) to deal with until they heal (if they do ever heal).

Basically, if you’re a motorcycle rider and you want to enjoy your future years as an independent pain-free senior citizen, it is thus your duty to take care of your hips and pelvis.

Enter the Forcefield Action Pro Armor Shorts
Stemming from the United Kingdom, Forcefield specializes in body armor for different recreational activities including motorcycling. I own several products of theirs already and I can attest to their emphasis on serious body protection and on advancing the field through innovation and pioneering. Essentially, Forcefield is among the very-few armor manufacturers that I’d trust my life with and that of my partner too.

I recently had a chance to grab a set of Forcefield’s epic Action Pro shorts for my girlfriend. I have other armored shorts, but none come close to the level of absolute protection yielded by these Action Pro armored shorts from Forcefield. After piling up the miles with my girlfriend riding with me as a passenger and her wearing these shorts, it is thus that I want to bring you a detailed review of the Forcefield Action Pro armored shorts. Let’s kick it!'

Motorcycle Gear Hub rating: 5/5

To read the full review please click here.

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