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The Bike Shed reviews Forcefield Action Shorts

19/06/2018 10:27:00

Here is a review of our Action Shorts by The Bike Shed, first  published on their website at

'After countless crashes, drops and slides I finally destroyed my Knox armoured shorts – with a washing machine. Yes, yes, I know you’re supposed to remove the pads before washing but frankly there’s just hasn’t been enough turnaround and faff time recently.

So I thought I’d try a pair of Action Shorts from another British company, Forcefield. Quite a few people in the DTRA paddock swear by this gear and you can usually spot a Forcefield body armour wearer by the massive chest protector. The Action Short is similarly chunky with burly thigh protection as well as the familiar hip, butt and coccyx armour. Multiple layers of foam make-up a more traditional padding, where other models in the Forcefield range utilise squishier and more pliable shock absorbing compounds. Although with body heat the thick foam does mould to one’s contours. The pockets for the armour are individually sectioned which firmly locates the pads, not just important in a spill but also to avoid irritation while making weird shapes on track. You’d think this would be the norm but I have tried some gear that allows padding to ‘float’ and move out of position easily.

Once on, I felt like I could take a swinging kick from Bruce Lee and then have him run me over with a tank, these things are stout to say the least. If you wear tight trousers you might need to go for the Contakt with its slimmer profile padding but I like to feign invincibility.

The drawstring around the waist might seem an obvious benefit but most shorts don’t have this feature and tend to slide up and down, which is annoying. The material is a wicking synthetic type (BeCool) and not like the shiny cycle short lycra of some. Comfortable against the skin with a proper waistband. Even in 30 degree Florida heat during a trip to the Johnny Lewis 10 Training Camp my plums didn’t perish.

Trying to slam a flat track bike on its cases and bend extensively at the hip did cause a bit of digging-in but that was easily remedied by peeling off one of the foam layers to allow a bit more room under rather tight 250 London trousers. I’d imagine these would be great for enduro, supermoto or pretty much anything including the Dakar. Even the sharpest rock would have a job making it’s presence felt.

For the purposes of a thorough review I had a crash. Turning-down the front to scrub speed was the newly acquired skill of the day, but not yet mastered. I nearly endoed a bike with no front brake and tumbled multiple times across a rock-hard clay track. The orange dirt suggested I should have had ouchies on my thigh, left bum cheek, hip and shoulder…. yet nothing. I couldn’t even tell I’d hit the deck, but was soon reminded by my mates chuckling and the omnipresent GoPro footage. I’ve since been on a few enduro and trials schools and completed product testing bumps with nothing more to show for my efforts than torn trousers.

Not that I go around sniffing my pants you understand but the Action Short has remained aroma free (must be the trademarked BeCool stuff) after some incredibly sweaty outings, I can’t say the same for the rest of the pungent items in my kitbag. Again, I had no choice but to wash the Action Short against the manufacturer’s instructions with the padding still in place. They came out just fine and I’ll be using them for the rest of the 2018 flat track championship. A really decent piece of kit.

I do like the idea of having my thighs protected but if my leather race suit doesn’t allow the room I’ll probably go for the all-new and slightly more svelte Pro Short X-V2. Now, I used to be a 32″ waist but recently my metabolism has flatlined and I now find a 34″ trouser pinches but the Forcefield sizing is generous. I have a medium which leaves plenty around the waist and even fits my girthy thighs. Charts available on the Forcefield website.

We’re already out of space in our shop so can’t stock much in the way of armour but Forcefield is available from J&S across the UK, Infinity Motorcycles in London or try ordering from your local Snow & Rock or Ellis Brigham – snowboarders favour this level of protection too.'

'Since writing this review I was able to fully test these shorts, again. After being collected by another competitor at the MCN Festival I ran out of track and my bars tangled with the airfence, ripping them from my hands. After that all I remember is landing hard on my coccyx. The shock was sizeable and sudden, my brain rather than pain receptors suggesting a significant injury. I was winded but able to clamber to my feet to check on the other downed riders. Once the adrenaline washed away and my chance of making the final diminished I headed to the van to inspect the damage. One deep bruise above my knee and that was it, the thigh pad had borne the brunt of the impact, leaving  just a shallow witness mark in the foam. My arse was tender but I wasn’t about to give that a close inspection. I’d broken the lockstops off my fork yokes and bent the bars – the damage beneath the thick padding? Ziltch.

Had I been wearing thinner, less protective shorts, or none like many in the paddock, I’m 100% sure I’d be ordering a standing desk. Thanks Forcefield, you did actually save my butt!'


Italian magazine, Miss Biker, tests and reviews the Pro L2K Dynamic back protector

08/06/2018 09:53:00

Here is a review of our Pro L2K Dynamic back protector by Italian magazine, Miss Biker.

(Translated from Italian. Review published at

Forcefield PRO L2K DYNAMIC LADY Test: Women's Protection
‘We start from a fundamental concept: every biker must think first of all to safety. This is why it is of primary importance to wear safe and certified protections that adequately protect the body, especially the spinal column.

Today we tell you about the back protector Forcefield Pro L2K DINAMIC LADY that has some really interesting features: it was designed to be soft, flexible and comfortable while providing maximum protection from impacts and being in conformity with EC regulations EN1621 – Level 2, as high as possible.

In case of Impact, the Nitrex viscoelastic polymer structure is temporarily compressed. The impact spreads evenly towards the adjacent spaces, causing the shock force to reduce.

After impact, Nitrex slowly releases accumulation energy due to its viscoelastic feature to return to its original shape in a short time.

All this guarantees a Repeat Performance Technology (RPT), which means that even after multiple impacts there is no loss of performance in the protection.

Forcefield Pro L2K DINAMIC LADY is built in multiple layers that are sewn with Kevlar ® thread for greater resistance and perforated in such a way as to allow the partial movement of the inner layers.

This movement has a twofold purpose:
– It makes the protection more comfortable allowing it to adapt to the shape of the body;
– Helps ventilation in the back.

The fully adjustable shoulder straps and the double waist adjustment ensure a correct fit for different body shapes and sizes.

Comfortable and simple to wear, Forcefield Pro L2K DINAMIC Lady fits perfectly to the female build.

The structure is not rigid and allows you to follow the silhouette of the back protecting completely (you can choose between medium and Large in the Lady version). Excellent closure in life that, thanks to two other elastic bands with lateral velcro, allows greater adherence to the body.

Ventilation holes do not help as you hoped ventilation on your back but considering the protection guaranteed by this back protector is a negligible detail.

With a weight of 670 grams, one can certainly not say that Forcefield Pro L2K DINAMIC Lady is lightweight but hides many features of note.

The thickness is not little (about 2 cm) and requires a jacket not too tight to be worn.

In the saddle Forcefield Pro L2K DINAMIC Lady does not create annoying chafing on the neck and offers a comforting feeling of protection even if on sunny days he lacks ventilation.

Excellent adherence to the body and the fit guaranteed by the adjustments with Velcro and slider on the shoulder straps.’ on the Pro Vest X-V 2: 'the perfect protection vest for your summer outings'

22/05/2018 14:50:00

Here is a review of our Pro Vest X-V 2 by Canadian publisher, Motoplus.

(Translated from French. Published online at

Pro Vest X-V2 Protective Vest
'Forcefield presents the perfect protection vest for your summer outings. The brand new Forcefield Pro Vest X-V2 vest incorporates a CE approved thoracic spine and chest protector that meets the most demanding standards of the certification body.

Ideal for motorcyclists looking for integrated body armor, the Pro Vest X-V2 Vest offers a CE2 Level 2 back protector and CE chest protector. It has a super light construction and has a central zipper and a removable adjustable belt.

It is made of BeCool, a technical polyamide fabric, open mesh, super-resistant (X Vents) that is even more breathable, yet soft and resistant. The air passes through areas of high heat, and provides unmatched breathability and amazing lightness. It wicks sweat away from the body through the vest so that it evaporates quickly. The thermoregulatory effect generated by the movement of moisture keeps the body temperature at an optimal level for enhanced comfort.

The CE2 backbone has been redesigned and now offers unparalleled flexibility. This multilayered backbone uses Forcefield's Dynamic-Reactive Intelligent Materials (DRI-M) technology.

The Pro Vest X-V2 Vest features foam pads that provide high levels of shock absorption combined with RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) technology. The back protector is held in place by a removable belt adjustable in height.

Thanks to its flat seams, the Pro Vest X-V2 is very comfortable to wear and is forgotten under a jacket or a combination. Stylish, this sleeveless vest features two breast pockets for chest protectors and a back pocket for the dorsal. These protections are installed and removed easily and quickly which allows to wash the vest machine, if necessary.

The Pro Vest X-V2 vest comes in sizes ranging from small (S) to very large (XL).' on Tech 2: 'the most complete and most powerful base layer set'

22/05/2018 14:31:00

Below is a review of our Tech 2 Base Layer range by Canadian publisher, Motoplus.

(Translated from French. Published online at

Thermal Clothing/Forcefield Base Layer Tech 2 Set
'Forcefield introduces its all-new Base Layer Tech 2 range that includes a long-sleeved shirt, underpants, a neck tube and a hood. It's the most complete and most powerful base layer set from Forcefield.

The Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer is an addition to the Forcefield Climate Control range. It offers breathability and compression functionality with an ergonomic design. The design features help compress in key areas allowing surface knits to massage and stimulate the skin, improving overall comfort.

Forcefield uses the latest production techniques to ensure the highest performance materials, combined with the most modern and advanced technology to produce the best in basecoat design and function.

These clothes have three features: breathability, compression and design, which are fundamental for a rich and technical garment.
These technical clothes are produced on a seamless loom. The complexity of knitting means that the process takes two and a half times longer to produce. The reward is a technically superior garment with durable properties.

The jersey and underpants are available in sizes ranging from very small (XS) to very large (XL). The choker and hood are available in one size.'


Hungarian magazine Totalbike reviews the Pro Sub 4K, Pro L2K Dynamic and Isolator armour

21/05/2018 15:19:00

Ha a haláltól félsz, a teljes bénulástól miért nem?
(Termékteszt: Forcefield protektorok)

Mindig veszek gerincprotektort, akkor is, ha csak 10 percre megyek. Ez valami olyasmi számomra, mint a sisak. Ha jól emlékszem, öt éve vettem a saját Forcefield Pro L2 gerincvédőmet, plusz lőttem mellé egy Action Shirt-öt, amiben van könyök-, váll- és mellkasprotektor - ez utóbbi endurózáshoz alap.

Az első tévhit, amit mindenkinek elprédikálok, hogy a jógaszőnyegből kivágott valami, amit a legtöbb dzsekibe gyárilag tesznek, az nem protektor, hanem csak a protektor helyét tölti ki - kb. mint az új pénztárcákban azok a papírdarabok a kártyatartó zsebben. És pontosan annyit is ér.

Ha lecseréled egy rendes protektorra, az már haladás, viszont én lényegesen jobban félek a lebénulástól, mint a szimpla haláltól, viszont szeretek minden nap motorozni, ezért a felvehető gerincproti egyházához csatlakoztam: egyrészt nagyobb felületen véd, csigolyától farokcsontig, másrészt nem mozdul el - márpedig esésnél elmozdul ez-az. Tudom jól, próbáltam már. A protektor feladata amúgy is kettős: egyrészt elnyeli az ütést, másrészt csúszás közben kopófelületet képez.

A hittérítő-misszióm egyébként nem túl sikeres, a kollégák ingerküszöbét sem sikerült átlépnem, a szerkesztőségen belül botrányos a hozzáállás - nem vicc, van olyan kolléga, aki vett gerincvédőt, de nem hordja, mert meleg és macerás. Ezért is örültem, amikor Forcefield Balázs jelentkezett, hogy hozna tesztre ezt-azt, majd némi egyeztetés után betoppant egy rakás védőfelszereléssel.

A Forcefield lágy protektorban utazik - sokáig egyedül voltak ezzel, aztán ma már mindenki hasonló az anyagokat használ. Ugyanis a protektornak ugyanaz a dolga, mint az autók gyűrődőzónájának, vagyis elnyelni a mozgási energiát, azt pedig az összenyomható anyagok tudják a legjobban. A kemények nem nyelnek el semmit, csak szétterítik nagyobb felületre - ez hasznos lehet, ha egy kungfu mester egyetlen ujjbökéssel próbálja átszakítani a mellkasunkat, de ha teljes felületeddel ráesel, akkor semmit nem ér.

A legjobb ütéselnyelő cucc amúgy a hungarocel/nikecel, ami a bukósisakokban is a biztonsági réteget adja, de az egyrészt nem igazán rugalmas, másrészt csak egyszer véd - a kemény protektoroknak is ez a rákfenéje, hogy egy esésre vannak hitelesítve. Egy időben az ütésre keményedő protektor volt a Szent Grál, aminek az a lényege, hogy viseléskor puha és kényelmes, esésénél viszont kemény - azóta csak annyi változott, hogy a nagy gyártók belátták, a puha jobban elnyeli az ütést.

A tesztcsomagban volt egy Forcefield Pro L2K Evo gerincvédő, ami az enyém továbbfejlesztett változata. Két fő részből áll, van egy kis háromszögekből álló külső héj, illetve egy lágy betét. A varrásait kevlárral erősítették, és tudja, amit a lágy protektorok ígérnek, vagyis pár perc alatt felveszi a hát formáját. A tapasztalataim szerint ez elég jól szellőzik, és kellően vékony, ideális a térítésre, ez Csikós hátán landolt, aki simán motorozik rövidnadrágban, de elég fegyelmezett ahhoz, hogy képes legyen egy hosszú tesztet végigcsinálni.

A másik gerincvédő a Forcefield SUB4K, a gyártó szerint nincs ennél biztonságosabb. A hátizsákszerű részből kibányászható maga a védelmet biztosító csodakombó, ami különböző méretű lapokból áll, középen összevarrva. Évekkel ezelőtt kint voltam a Zandona és a Spyke központjában, és ott a kísérleti csúcsprotektorok nagyon hasonlóan néztek ki, szintén különböző tulajdonságú, úgynevezett lassú emlékezetű szivacslapokból rakták őket össze - azért hívják őket így, mert a memóriahabos párnákhoz hasonlóan viselkednek, ha benyomod őket, nem azonnal, hanem szép lassan nyerik vissza az eredeti alakjukat.

A SUB4K (népies nevén: Subak), látványosan vastagabb, mint az L2K, szerencse, hogy a Rambo 2018 életmód-programomnak köszönhetően ledobtam pár kilót, így az utcai dzsekijeim alá még fel tudom venni, de a bőrruha alá egyelőre necces - ahhoz át kell nyergelnem a Winkler-féle Radiátorhas 2018 programra. Ez tehát kevésbé alkalmas kapudrognak, behúzni a gerincprotektor szűzeket, szóval haladó biztonságbubusként én kezdtem használni.

Emellett szétdobtunk egy halom térd-, váll-, könyök- és csípőprotit - ezek Forcefield Isolator L2 névre hallgatnak, különlegességük, hogy megfelelnek a Level 2 védelmi szintnek - a Level 1 a nagyon biztonságos minősítés, a Level 2 pedig az elérhető aktuális csúcs, Level 3-as szintet pedig egyelőre még meg sem határoztak. Ezek szintén puha protektorok, érzésre a gumi és a polifoam között helyezkednek el félúton, és ütéselnyelő képességük messze meghaladja a korábbi, még háromszögmintás Forcefield protektoraimét - kb. harmadannyit engednek csak át az ütésből, mint amiket eddig használtam.

Ezzel elkezdődött a teszt, a élményeinkkel és tapasztalatainkkal nemsokára jelentkezünk - Csikós, mint a szűz tesztelő, én pedig haladó nyafogóként.


Slovenian magazine, motoSI, tests and reviews the FreeLite back protector

26/04/2018 11:34:00

Slovenian magazine, motoSI, have tested and reviewed the Forcefield FreeLite back protector.

Below is the original article in the Slovenian language from the April issue. Please click 'READ MORE' to view the English translation.

(Translated using Google Translate).


Slovenian magazine, motoSI, tests and reviews the EX-K Harness Adventure

26/04/2018 11:20:00

Slovenian magazine, motoSI, have tested and reviewed the Forcefield EX-K Harness Adventure.

Below is the original article in the Slovenian language from the April issue. Please click 'READ MORE' to view the English translation.

(Translated using Google Translate).


New Forcefield Sport Range features in Motorcycle Trader magazine

25/04/2018 14:01:00

Our new Sport Range appears in the April issue of Motorcycle Trader magazine.


FreeLite features in Cycle News

10/04/2018 16:13:00

Our FreeLite back protector features in US publication Cycle News this month.


Snow.Guide gives our Slam 1 Shorts full marks - 'A Must for Snowboarders'

21/03/2018 11:29:00

Forcefield Slam 1 Shorts Review – Snowboard Protection Shorts
(‘A must for snowboarders’)

I was interested in reviewing the Forcefield Slam 1 Shorts as I reviewed the original Forcefield Slam Shorts last season and was mightily impressed. As a snowboarder, I appreciated that Forcefield had cut the fat, as to speak, getting rid of the excess padding that snowboarders do not need.

So what is different about the Forcefield Slam 1 shorts apart from a new royal blue colour?

Forcefield Slam 1 Shorts Review
The main difference is that they have managed to cut down on the thickness of the padding from 17mm, incredibly to only 8mm. This is still while retaining the level of protection with a CE Level 1 rating.

This makes the shorts much lighter than their predecessor and a much lower profile. I have always worn protection shorts and my main issue is that sometimes the padding is noticeable under ski trousers. This is not the case with the Forcefield Slam 1 protection shorts.

They are also very comfortable. So much so that I wouldn’t have even know that I was wearing them until I took a slam. Luckily this didn’t happen too many times, but with icy and variable conditions in Tignes, my board did slide out from underneath me when boarding at speed once, and I was very grateful for the added protection!

Although skiers would also benefit from the Forcefield Slam 1 shorts, they are definitely more ideal for snowboarders. The high energy absorbing foam, protects the lower back, coccyx, bum and thighs. If any of you have fallen on your coccyx you will know how painful that is!

The protection shorts can be used as a base layer and the fibres are made from BeCool technology. This makes it highly breathable, have great wicking properties and fast drying. In other words, it will stop you smelling like a drowned Snow Vole if you wear them for a few days on the trot!

Eventually, you will have to wash them though! This is not a problem as the padding is easily removable and you can bung them in the washing machine.

I love the Forcefield Slam 1 impact shorts. They have everything that made the original Slam shorts great for snowboarders, but made them better.

The new low profile really works and looks fantastic. As for durability, I have worn them for about 20 days on the mountain and so far so good.

A must for snowboarders! A review score of 10 out of 10 (I don’t give full marks away very often).

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