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Crash Review at Snetterton UK - August 2007


We recently received this feedback from a satisfied customer, again using his back protector for real! Have a read of this very real life story.

Boys Toys! - August 2007


A great feature highlighting the benefits of Forcefield armour.

Crash Review, taken from a USA Team Press release. - August 2007


This is not the normal magazine test of the product, but something we picked up from a Team press release in the USA. Following a 100mph crash, the rider was able to walk away, no doubt with the help of the Forcefield armour he was wearing. Download the text here-

Forcefield Get top review on - August 2007


Last week on back protectors were reviewed. They confirmed that in independent tests the Forcefield Pro Back Protector has been shown as a class leader!
This backs up what many of you know already, in all areas, Protection, Comfort and Multi Impact hits, the Forcefield really is the market leader.

Forcefield Top in USA - July 2007


This review was taken from the March 2007 issue of Motorcyclist-USA. The product tested here was the Forcefield Pro, not the sport as named in the text.
To receive comments such as ~heres the benchmark by which all back protectors should be judged~ is great. This confirms what many users already know!

RiDE Magazine Back Protectors Test - July 2007


This is the test that awarded the Forcefield Pro Back Protector with the coveted RiDE Best Buy award! Gaining an unprecedented 29/30 high score mark.
Forcefield Pro Level 2 back protector- The best you can buy! READ THIS BEFORE BUYING ANY OTHER BACK PROTECTOR!

Supermoto Magazine- Shorts write up....... - July 2007


Supermoto like the Forcefield Action shorts, ideal for upper leg protection. have a read....

Top In Sweden! - July 2007


For those of you who can read swedish, take a look at this- The magazine also published the results of the impact test. In some cases the Forcefield (branded as Halvarsson in Sweden)is 3 times better than even the leading brands.
Winner in Test! Good news.

RiDE Magazine Body Armour Investigation - July 2007


This is RiDE magazines body armour investigation into how good motorcycle armour is on the market today. Taken from February 2007 issue.
Forcefield Armour was the top performer in the test- an interesting article, showing that the body armour you get as standard in jackets can be sub-standard.

BIKE magazine 5/5 for the Pro back protector! - June 2007


This is the text taken from BIKE magazine, one of the guys tested it and declared the best he had ever used! Read it here.

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