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BMW Owners News magazine reviews the new Pro L2K Dynamic

09/08/2017 09:55:00

The August issue of BMW Owners News magazine features our new Pro L2K Dynamic back protector.


Pro L2K Dynamic features in Bike Buyers Guide

03/08/2017 12:07:00

The new Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic back protector features in Ireland's Bike Buyers Guide this month.

They say: 'What is probably the most comfortable back protector improved and refined even further. The Pro L2K Dynamic, from protection specialists Forcefield, now benefits from faster 3D moulding, is even less noticeable under a jacket and offers no compromise on protection levels.' reviews our Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors

19/07/2017 13:08:00

'Enhanced security and outstanding comfort' - below is a great review of Forcefield's new Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors from

They say: 'The British manufacturer Forcefield Body Armour updates its two most powerful back protectors and introduces the Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic.

Considered by experts and the specialist press as the most efficient back protectors on the market - they have won our comparative back protector test - the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 and Pro L2 are updated to provide enhanced performance and comfort, and increased use.

The new Pro Sub 4K integrates Forcefield's DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material). The different layers of absorbent material are now sewn together with Kevlar thread for increased strength and protection. This is the only back protector to transmit a force of less than 4kn when tested for impact, making it the best protection on the market.

The new Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest iteration of the original Pro L2 introduced on the market 14 years ago. It is now made of a more flexible and flexible base material that allows three-dimensional moulding activated by body heat to be more responsive and take shape faster. This results in enhanced protection and increased ease of use. The Pro L2K Dynamic also integrates Forcefield's DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material).

The Forcefield Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors offer unmatched protection, even after multiple impacts, using Repeat Performance Technology (RPT). They can be used on track (speed, super moto) but also on road to commute, travel or go on an adventure.'

Read the full review here


Super Streetbike magazine reviews Forcefield Base Layer T-Shirt and Pants

17/07/2017 11:11:00

Great review of Forcefield Base Layer T-shirt and Pants from Super Streetbike.

They say: 'British company, Forcefield, specializes in body armor for different action sport activities. Highly regarded around the world, its products are specified by a number of clothing manufacturers and action sport companies. In North America, riders can buy Forcefield products from, either as individual inserts or in armored clothing.

Available with long or short sleeves for men or women, the range includes matching pants that feature reinforced knees for durability.

The items are manufactured from BeCool fabric. This is described as a polyamide fiber with four-channel thread that is three times more diffusive than cotton. In other words, it ensures high levels of breathability, helping to keep you fresh rather than soggy.

Forcefield describes the fabric like a fan, which is a great analogy. It is able to push hot, humid air away from the skin, towards the outer layer of the fabric. It also allows cool, dry air to circulate from the outside to the surface of the skin, making you feel cooler.

When wearing the Base Layers, the fan concept comes to life. You feel a cooling effect and sweat is quickly removed. Jumping off the bike after a long ride, I quickly heat up in all my gear. If I’m wearing a cotton T-shirt and underwear, they absorb the sweat and take a while to dry. However, the Forcefield Base Layers rapidly pull sweat away from the body, allowing me to cool down sooner and feel comfortable for longer.

This feature would be most apparent after a full track day, where the exertion will have you sweating in your leathers. However, technical underwear will take the sweat away from your body and create a cooling effect whatever situation you’re in.

The Base Layers are form fitting to keep the fabric next to your skin, helping the effect work more immediately. The fabric is comfortable to wear all day and has coped with machine washing – both manufacturers recommend a cold wash and air-drying to preserve the wicking and anti-bacterial effects.'

Read the full review here


Motorcycle News gives our back protector 9/10 stars

27/06/2017 11:37:00

Another brilliant review and lots of stars for Forcefield. This article is from the August issue of Motorcycle News.

The Sport Lite back protector has been superseded by the Pro L2K Evo - see website for details.


Bike Magazine 'impressed' with Isolator 2 upgrade armour

26/06/2017 10:53:00

Here is Bike Magazine's glowing review of our Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour from their August issue.

They say: ‘CE level 2 armour transmits far less impact force to the rider than CE level 1. And that usually means it's thicker, heavier and more cumbersome than the stuff you get in your regular CE approved kit. So, the fact that this innovative upgrade from armour masters Forcefield is so thin, light and flexible yet is able to pass the stringent level 2 tests is amazing. Then consider that the most expensive bit is the level 2 back protector at £34.99. Impressive.’


RiDE Magazine reviews the new Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour

23/06/2017 11:25:00

The August issue of RiDE Magazine features a review of the new Forcefield Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour.

'I've tried the Level 2 knee armour, which is really light, very comfortable and fitted easily into sets of riding jeans and textile trousers. I haven't so far tested its protective powers (and hope not to), but the Level 2 rating is reassuring. It's good kit - and also very keenly priced.'


Rider Magazine reviews the new Isolator Upgrade Armour

20/06/2017 10:28:00

American publication, Rider Magazine, reviews our new Isolator Upgrade Armour in their forthcoming August issue.

'Isolator armour adds long-term protection to your favourite riding gear, continuing to protect you even after multiple impacts.'


Electric Bike Action Magazine reviews Forcefield Contakt Shorts

16/06/2017 11:03:00

Many thanks to US publication, Electric Bike Action Magazine, for reviewing our Contakt Shorts in their forthcoming August issue.

Riding an electric mountain bike means you can spend longer days in the saddle and tackle more difficult terrains; wearing Contakt Shorts means you can do it in comfort - and with protection.

Contakt Shorts are a perfect fit with the booming e-bike industry, which has seen tremendous growth in the USA, China and across parts of Europe in recent months, and this trend is set to continue.

Described by Electric Bike Action Magazine as having ‘all the features a rider could ask for’ they are essential e-bike gear and are equally suitable for road e-bikes and off-road e-bikes. Out of three brands of protective shorts on the market our Contakt Shorts were voted the 'most protective'.


Mountain Bike Web Magazine reviews our Contakt Shorts

08/06/2017 13:00:00

Italian publication, Mountain Bike Web Magazine, has product tested our Contakt Shorts. The full review and photos appear on their website. Here is an excerpt.

'The Contakt Shorts are worn with ease, thanks to the fact that all the protective elements are positioned immediately to the right place, thus not require any adjustments.

The location of these elements seemed well designed to protect the points most at risk in case of a fall (although thankfully we have to say it had not yet had the opportunity to experience the effects.)

In no time we forget to be wearing the protective elements. They do not restrict the movements in the saddle.

During pedalling it has been necessary to rearrange the Contakt Shorts, seen as they remain safely in position, thanks to the silicone insert positioned on the thighs.

The removal of the protective elements is very simple, as well as their reintegration after washing.'

Watch the YouTube video here:

Read the full review here:

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