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RiDE Magazine reviews the Pro L2K Dynamic

10/10/2017 10:00:00

Another great review of the Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic; this is from the December issue of RiDE Magazine.


'Use the Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic, Luke' article from

08/09/2017 13:54:00

Here's a great (Star Wars-themed) article about our Pro L2K Dynamic back protector by

'Use the ‘Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic’ Luke!

The Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest version of Forcefield’s long-running Pro L2 back protector range – 14 years it’s been going, apparently.

The bumph says it’ is now built with a softer and more pliable moulded first protection layer, so it 3D moulds and shapes faster, giving more comfort without compromising on safety. And it all has Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) integrated throughout.

It’s designed to fit close to the body, and has the ability to withstand multiple impacts, the multi-layered technical materials are held together with Kevlar® thread for added security and strength and it is – of course – certified to EN1621-2 CE2 standards.

Forcefield say it’s good for on road, on track, touring, commuting, super-moto, and adventure riding as it’s soft, comfortable and non-restrictive, breathable, lightweight and has an adjustable three-point waist fastening and shoulder straps.

It comes in both mens and ladies versions, and has an RRP of £134.99.'

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Super Streetbike tests Forcefield Contakt Shorts

23/08/2017 11:31:00

Super Streetbike tests a range of Forcefield armoured technical underwear - below is their review of the Contakt Shorts.

If you’re not looking for full armored pants, the Forcefield Contakt Shorts will fit the bill. These are comfortably worn as a base layer and provide a tremendous amount of protection (although there is obviously no knee armor).

Essentially appropriated cycling shorts, they’re constructed from breathable material that wicks moisture to keep you cool all day. They also have silicone “leg grippers” to keep the shorts in place, so they won’t bunch up as you move in the saddle or walk around.

For hygiene and comfort there is a soft chamois pad made from CoolMax Silver material. It is anti-bacterial and provides support between the legs and around the taint for longer rides. It definitely keeps everything fresh down there but it can feel a little awkward when you walk. It’s peculiar but you get used to it, and the pad protects against chafing, etc.

I wore the shorts in the office all day in 80deg weather, rode 100 miles and was fresher at the end than I would have been in cotton boxers. I also love how the silicone stop the shorts traveling up your legs when you sit and stand.

As for protection, Forcefield has incorporated seven removable armor inserts. The FLHEX armor features a series of hexagons that are designed to provided continuous protection thanks to the Repeat Performance Technology (RPT). This basically means you don’t have to throw them out if you take a light tumble.

The armor inserts cover the hips, top of the thighs, coccyx, and base of the back. Each sits in its own pocket and can be removed for washing.

The FLHEX armor is thin and very flexible, allowing it to conform to your body. I was somewhat apprehensive about armored shorts because previous experience had suggested they would be rather uncomfortable as the armor either digs into you or protrudes awkwardly. However, Forcefield has used its expertise to create a thin, lightweight, resilient armor that doesn’t fight the wearer. In fact, we’d recommend these shorts to anybody who wants extra protection without the discomfort of an additional layer. They can easily be worn under jeans or leathers, and the advanced material construction will keep you comfortable, even in hot conditions.

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Super Streetbike tests Forcefield Pro Pants

23/08/2017 11:17:00

Super Streetbike tests a range of Forcefield armoured technical underwear - below is their review of the Pro Pants.

Constructed in an identical manner to the Pro Shirt X-V, the Pro Pants are the perfect accompaniment with the same combination of breathable material and CE-approved armor. Both the shirt and pants have substantial Forcefield armor, so don’t expect to be able to fit them under tight leathers without some wriggling. As before, the pants don’t offer abrasion resistance, so you’ll need a leather or kelvar outlayer. I wore them under Kevlar-reinforced jeans and was both comfortable and confident in the protection.

There’s a total of nine removable armor inserts. These includes Nitrex Evo armor for the knees. This felt really comfortable and was superior to the inserts that come with the jeans, which digs into my shins and knee caps.

All other inserts are constructed from a triple-layer M15 armor. Just like NEVO 7010, its impact protection comes from three dense layers of a foam-like material that features Repeat Performance Technology. Since it’s not rigid, the armor will mold to your body and I found it comfortable both on and off the bike for the entire day.

Forcefield has utilized its M15 armor for large inserts over the thighs and hips. This is far more protection than you’ll find in the majority of motorcycle pants and gives great confidence.
In the seat of the pants are three more M15 inserts – one over the coccyx and two more over each buttock. These were surprisingly comfortable in the office chair and virtually unnoticeable when riding.

To keep everything in place there are foot stirrups as well as a waist drawstring. The BeCool material is naturally elastic so helps to keep everything in place. You obviously want to ensure all the pads are in position before you pull on overpants, but everything stays in place while riding. The BeCool material’s breathable design works very effectively and ensures you’re not a sweaty mess at the end of the ride.

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Super Streetbike tests Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V

23/08/2017 11:10:00

Super Streetbike tests a range of Forcefield armoured technical underwear - below is their review of the Pro Shirt X-V.

This shirt feels substantial. It’s relatively heavy and packs armor into all the vital areas, including a large one-piece chest protector. Yet it’s very easy to wear. For starters, it’s constructed from BeCool fabric with Evo Vents to pull heat and sweat away from your body and replaces it with fresh air, which feels good when you’re in motion.

Some nice design touches include a side-entry zipper, which allowed Forcefield to include its one-piece chest protector while still providing a wide opening to put it on easily. There are thumbholes at the bottom of the sleeves to keep everything in place when you put a jacket over the top. It even has a long tail to keep it tucked into your pants when riding.

Forcefield uses its patented, multi-density, modular Nitrex Evo armor in the elbows and shoulders. Formed in a triangular grid, this is a lightweight, CE-approved armor that is breathable and molds to your contours. The Pro Shirt X-V also employs NEVO 7010 armor in the back and chest. This is another CE-approved armor that is formed from three layers of a dense foam-like material. It’s easily removable for washing and, like the Nitrex Evo inserts, offers “Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) for consistent protection from multiple impacts” – so you don’t need to throw it out after a fall or two, provided it’s undamaged.

Perhaps its only snag with this level of armor is it can make you feel invulnerable, tempting you to wear something flimsy over the top. However, Forcefield makes no claims about abrasion protection for the Pro Shirt X-V, so you’ll want to wear leather or kevlar over it for full security.

The breathable fabric keeps you cool all day, on and off the bike. It’s elasticity means everything stays in place and isn’t constantly twisting around. The chest protector is probably the only noticeable aspect since you’re aware of its presence but I didn’t find it creeping up towards my neck as other armor is prone to do. And you know it’s going to do its job if you ever need to call on its services.

Priced at $299, it’s the Pro Shirt X-V isn’t cheap but you’re buying the armor protection of most jackets, with the heat control and moisture wicking of Technical Underwear, so we’d have to suggest the price is justified.

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Fast Bikes Magazine reviews the new Pro Sub 4K

22/08/2017 13:35:00

The September issue of Fast Bikes Magazine features the new Forcefield Pro Sub 4K back protector.


RiDE Magazine reviews the Pro Sub 4K

17/08/2017 16:34:00

Great review of our Pro Sub 4K by RiDE Magazine this month.


Pro Sub 4K in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine

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The September issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine features our new Pro Sub 4K back protector.


BMW Owners News magazine reviews the new Pro L2K Dynamic

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The August issue of BMW Owners News magazine features our new Pro L2K Dynamic back protector.


Pro L2K Dynamic features in Bike Buyers Guide

03/08/2017 12:07:00

The new Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic back protector features in Ireland's Bike Buyers Guide this month.

They say: 'What is probably the most comfortable back protector improved and refined even further. The Pro L2K Dynamic, from protection specialists Forcefield, now benefits from faster 3D moulding, is even less noticeable under a jacket and offers no compromise on protection levels.'

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