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Snow.Guide gives Slam Shorts 9/10 for snowboarders

27/02/2017 15:22:00

Forcefield Slam Shorts scored a 9 out of 10 from ski and snowboarding website Snow.Guide.

'I love the fact that these are designed for snowboarders and in cutting out the excess hip padding, the Slam Shorts are extremely comfortable with a low profile and I didn’t even realise I had them on most of the time.'

Read the full review at


Rust Magazine reviews the Forcefield layering system

06/02/2017 14:59:00

What better way of testing the performance of base layers, and temperature regulating, breathable body armour than a hard day on a dirt bike, in very cold temperatures.
Cold outside, working hard on the bike, getting hot, producing sweat, and then cooling right down again. An extreme test if ever there was one!
Rust Magazine have recently given Forcefield products a full work out as part of their 'Cold Killers' section. Scroll down to read the full reviews of our Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants (mid layer), Pro Shirt X-V (armour layer) and Base Layer Shirt & Pants (base layer) .
The Forcefield layering system is modular, technical and has been designed to work together. The most technical of fabrics, the highest performing armour, all with no bulk, and super comfortable to wear all day long.


Rust Magazine reviews (1 of 3)... Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants

06/02/2017 14:58:00

Rust Magazine's review of our Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants:


Rust Magazine reviews (2 of 3)... Pro Shirt X-V

06/02/2017 14:57:00

Rust Magazine's review of our Pro Shirt X-V:


Rust Magazine reviews (3 of 3)... Base Layer Shirt & Pants

06/02/2017 14:56:00

Rust Magazine's review of our Base Layer Shirt & Pants:


Base Layers Achieve '5 Star' Rating from

20/01/2017 14:34:00

Forcefield's Base Layer garments have achieved a 5 star rating in a review published this month by Canadian moto publication,

The Base Layers achieved the highest scores for comfort, breathability and manufacturing quality.

The review was originally published in French. The English translation describes the the Base Layer t-shirt as 'the perfect companion for the adventurous motorcyclist who wants to benefit from good thermal regulation under all circumstances.'

The full review is at:

BMW Owners News reviews our Pro Shirt X-V

12/01/2017 11:58:00

Professional travel writer/photographer and motojournalist, Christopher P Baker, tests our Pro Shirt X-V on a 400 mile ride from Palm Springs to Mariposa. His product review appears in the January 2017 issue of the American publication, BMW Owners News.



Arc-On gloves (with Forcefield armour) reviewed in RiDE Magazine (February 2017)

11/01/2017 16:50:00

More great reviews for Forcefield Body Armour! This time it's Arc-On's Apex gloves (with Forcefield armour) featuring in RiDE Magazine's 'best kit review' of 2016, from the February 2017 issue.

Forcefield armour is fitted in the outer wrist and the knuckle.

US publication Cycle News reviews Tornado Advance

15/12/2016 14:15:00

US publication Cycle News reviews Tornado Advance in their December 2016 issue.


Forcefield feature in RiDe Magazine's 'best kit' of 2016 list

14/12/2016 14:29:00

Our Technical Base Layers have won a RiDE Magazine Recommended Award in their 'best kit' list of 2016!

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