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Super Streetbike magazine reviews Forcefield Tornado Advance Shirt and Pants

10/05/2017 10:05:00

Great review from US publication, Super Streetbike magazine, on our Tornado Advance Shirt and Pants. Thanks to (our US distributor) for sending this over.

'I don’t wish to appear like a fair weather rider but few people genuinely enjoy riding in cold weather. It’s something we often need to do, so why not take some sensible precautions? After all, the chill factor of an 80mph wind even on a 50˚F day can chill you to the bones after a few miles, never mind when it’s even colder. There are plenty of options for summer riding, from mesh and perforated jackets to wicking and cooling undershirts (which we’ll analyze in a future review). For now, we’re going to look at motorcycle-specific thermal underwear from Forcefield.

Everybody knows the secret to combatting cold weather is to dress in layers. The layers trap air, which is heated by your body to warm you. However, when riding a motorcycle, you have cold, high-speed air entering your clothing, so a different tactic is required. One solution is to use windproof fabrics to prevent cold air entering. However, this has to be weighed against the need for air circulation and the problems associated with sweating once you come to a stop.

With all this in mind, Forcefield has developed its Tornado Advance long-sleeve shirt and pants, which are available in the US through

These garments provide the benefits of modern lightweight, anti-bacterial underwear with the thermal properties of Thermolite insulation plus the wind protection of the company’s Defender+ fabric. When you open the packaging, the thicker Defender+ fabric almost feels like thick paper. I actually reached inside to check I hadn’t missed any packaging. Placed only on the front of the garment (body and arms on the shirt, legs on the pants), this forward-facing fabric is wind-proof but also water-resistant and breathable. These properties alone make it ideal for winter riding, allowing it to help keep you dry if your jacket inevitably lets in water. The Defender+ fabric also has a microfleece lining for comfort and thermal properties. Everywhere else, both garments use Thermolite fabric. And, as the name suggests, it is both thermal and breathable (even when wet). Engineered with hollow-core fibers to trap air for greater insulation, it dries quickly and prevents bacteria build up caused by perspiration.

So that’s the theory – how does it work? The long-sleeve Tornado Advance shirt has a high neck with a zipper to aid slipping it over other layers, if you wish. Once on, both the shirt and pants are comfortable to wear and you don’t instantly overheat as you prepare to ride. In fact, it’s easy to doubt the thermal properties as they feel light and relatively cool to wear. Once on the bike, nothing really changes. You continue to be warm and comfortable. The shirt and pants do everything as advertised. They prevent the chilling wind from reaching your skin without restricting movement or overheating when you stop. Another advantage is the lightweight design means movement isn’t restricted at all. With no Defender+ fabric on the back of both garments, it allows the Thermolite material to wick away moisture and avoid sweating. Or perhaps it just dries so quickly (50% quicker than cotton) that you don’t ever notice you’re sweating.

With the great properties of these garments, I used the Forcefield Tornado Advance shirt and pants when hiking and found it just as comfortable, helping to regulate body temperature and not requiring you to wear extra bulky layers. For anybody who rides in cold weather, we definitely recommend the Forcefield Tornado Advance clothing. In fact, the range also includes a neck warmer, balaclava and gloves with the same thermal properties as described here. All are machine washable and lightweight to wear. We didn’t get to experience the clothing when riding in extremely cold weather but it worked well when evening temps dropped into the 40s. If you plan to ride in temperatures below these, we expect it to work equally well and allow you to remain vigilant in the saddle.'

Review is published at:


Motosprint magazine reviews our Pro Vest X-V

08/05/2017 11:20:00

Italian publication, Motosprint magazine, has reviewed the Forcefield Pro Vest X-V in their latest issue.

Google Translation: 'Additional safety for those in motion: Forcefield's Pro Vest X-V comes under the technical suitability and integrates level 2 protection for the chest and back. And washable antibacterial fabric in washing machine, zip front closure, removable waistband.'


LA MOTO Magazine reviews our Pro L2K Evo and Pro Sub 4 back protectors

28/04/2017 12:39:00

Spanish publication, LA MOTO Magazine, has reviewed the Forcefield Pro L2K Evo and Pro Sub 4 back protectors in the 'mejor compra' ('best buys') guide.

Google Translations:
Pro L2K Evo: '3D design of the Nirex Evo impact material for a correct fit to the body, different perforated layers sewn with Kevlar thread, double adjustment by straps to the shoulders and Velcro in waist, high breathability. Among the two options of the British manufacturer of protections, it is the most suitable for an open road standard use. Although it seems somewhat heavy, however the different layers that compose this trellis, as well as the adjustments available, force the weight of the assembly to be minimized. It is not excessive in any case. It is very easy to disassemble to wash the base. Correct fit for a very tight set, with possibility of washing.'

Pro Sub 4: 'CE approval with level 2 safety certificate, 3.38kN impact test, 32mm thick, elastic strap and Velcro waistband, detachable and washable base, breathable, high flexibility and adaptability. The roof of the brand specializing in protection is found in this Pro Sub 4, where the highest score has been obtained in the evaluation of impacts during the tests carried out for its approval. The high adaptation to the body is given by the high flexibility offered by the assembly that, although it is somewhat daunting to the eye, nevertheless once put in it brings a practically perfect fit. Preferred use sporty but suitable for what you want for its easy fit.'


Cycle News reviews Isolator Armour

25/04/2017 14:00:00

American magazine, Cycle News, has been the first to publish a product review about the Isolator Upgrade Armour; the article below appearing in a recent issue.


Dirt Bike Rider reviews our Pro Shirt X-V and Contakt Shorts

25/04/2017 12:52:00

Dirt Bike Rider magazine have reviewed our Pro Shirt X-V and Contakt Shorts in their April issue.

DBR is Britain's biggest selling dirt bike magazine. They cover everything from MX, enduro, minibikes to freestyle motocross and trials.

Pro Shirt X-V: 'This is a great piece of protective equipment that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone. It's really not a base layer with added pads - it's a well thought out piece of protective gear that will certainly provide considerable protection in the event of a crash.'

Contakt Shorts: 'These shorts are certainly worth the investment. They fill the void and offer some decent protection for your hips, upper thigh and coccyx while allowing you to ride without being constricted.'


Mountain Bike Web Magazine reviews our Pro Shirt X-V-S

24/04/2017 11:29:00

Mountain Bike Web Magazine have recommended the Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S for enduro and gravity racing.

The Italian publication praised the high-quality protection features and said that it fits 'almost like a glove' allowing great freedom of movement.

Watch the YouTube video here:

Read the review here:


Dirt Bike Magazine reviews our Tornado Advance and Base Layer garments

05/04/2017 13:05:00

Dirt Bike Magazine have reviewed our Tornado Advance and Base Layer products in their May issue.

US-based Dirt Bike Magazine is a best-seller and covers all aspects of off road motorcycling.

'Tornado Advance is designed to create the best possible defence against extreme weather. Using Thermolite and Defender fabrics, the Tornado Advance blocks airflow from the outside by reducing windchill, all the while remaining breathable.

The Forcefield base layers are cool and thin. These base layers work like air conditioning for your body, forcing hot and humid air outwards, while keeping you cool and dry.'

Many thanks to Motonation, our American distributor, for sending in the article.


Mountain Bike Action magazine reviews our Contakt Shorts

23/03/2017 10:03:00

The editorial team at the world's best-selling mountain bike magazine, Mountain Bike Action, have tested and reviewed our Contakt Shorts in their May issue.

'Forcefield's Contakt Shorts are mountain-bike specific and have all the features a rider could ask for.'

'Once we spent 15-20 minutes in these shorts, we completely forgot we had pads on.'

Our Contakt Shorts were voted the 'most protective' shorts out of three brands on the market. A key feature - the longevity of performance - was also highlighted: Forcefield's Contakt Shorts 'continued to deliver top-notch performance ride after ride.'

Read the full review below.


Motorcycle Monthly reviews the Pro L2K Evo back protector

21/03/2017 10:07:00

The March issue of Motorcycle Monthly features a review of our Pro L2K Evo back protector.

'It's a small price to pay for the job it's there to do.'


MXA Magazine reviews Forcefield Contakt Shorts

10/03/2017 09:58:00

Motocross Action Magazine (MXA) has published a review of Forcefield's Contakt Shorts.

It appears in the April 2017 issue of the US magazine:

'There are riding shorts, and then there's the Forcefield Contakt Short, which is designed for gruelling all-day rides in the saddle.'

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