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Fantastic review of our Pro L2K Evo back protector in More Bikes Magazine!

13/07/2016 12:43:00

More Bikes has described our Pro L2K Evo back protector as an ‘essential piece of protective gear for anyone on a motorbike or scooter’.

Please click here to read the full article:



Great review of our Pro Vest X-V in Cycle News!

13/07/2016 12:38:00


Glowing review of our Pro Shirt X-V in Dirt Bike Magazine!

13/07/2016 12:32:00


Decline Magazine have recommended our GRAPH Knee and Elbow Protectors!

13/07/2016 12:19:00



A great review for Forcefield !!!!

21/01/2016 14:10:00

 Please click on the link to see the latest Pro Shirt X-V review.......excellent review


Forcefield Grid Reviewed on Pinkbike website.

14/01/2016 13:56:00

The Forcefield Grid is just about the only CE Level 2 protector

manufactured for Mountain-Bikers.

Unique features include direct airflow to the legs, 4 point fastening

system and 9mm 'thin' NeT Armour as standard.  Please follow the link.......



Excellent review for the EX-K Harness

09/12/2015 15:34:00


Please see the latest test of the EXK Harness from Web Bike World in the USA.

A great test for what is one of the world’s most protective protectors.

Ladies Technical Base Layer Review

04/11/2015 16:31:00

Cycle News (USA)

Please take a look at page 85, Cycle News highlight the Ladies Technical Base Layer range.





Pro Shirt XV Coverage

04/11/2015 16:30:00

 Please take a look at the latest Pro Shirt XV Coverage from

Enduro Illustrated.

Highlighting the fact you cannot tell you are wearing body armour.  Just the way it should be !


Gear of the Year Award

27/10/2015 16:20:00

The Forcefield Ultra-Lite Back Protector has one the Gear of the Year award in the Falline Magazine 2015/6 ! ! 

Available now in stores for £79.99

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