Forcefield MTB

Forcefield in Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking requires a large variety of movement whether Downhill, 4X, XC or enduro which is why Forcefield Body Armour is ideally suited.
All Forcefield armour is created using unique soft shock absorbing materials that are highly flexible and breathable for optimum comfort and that reacts to body heat so it becomes more comfortable the longer it is worn. Another unique feature is RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) to ensure that the armour will protect time and time again.
Forcefield Body Armour has applied its experience and technology to create the ultimate in mountain biking protection and offers a range of usable protection for the body and limbs all of which is fully CE approved so you know it will perform exactly how it is supposed to.
All Forcefield Body Armour is designed, tested and tried by a team of experts who specialise only in sports protection.

Tested • Proven • Trusted