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Forcefield Impresses in 161mph crash

25/04/2012 16:32:00

The Forcefield R&D team were looking forward to gaining valuable feedback from the increased number of racers choosing Forcefield Body Armour for the 2012 British Superbike season but didn’t expect to gather the information so quickly.

After two exciting rounds the Forcefield Sponsored riders are certainly putting the body armour through its paces with no fewer than seven crashes over the first two weekends racing, the fastest recorded on data logging equipment at 161 mph by Appleyard Macadam rider Deane Brown who clipped the back of a slower rider and despite being taken to the medical centre and then onto hospital walked away, bruised and battered but otherwise fine.

Deane commented later “That is without doubt the fastest crash I have ever had, I don’t remember much about it but I know I wasn’t able to avoid hitting the rider in front of me. The Forcefield Body Armour without doubt saved me from having much more serious injuries. I am very sore and bruised but amazingly nothing is broken. Thruxton is the fastest track we go to and I am very lucky to walk away with no serious injuries. I’d like to thank the Forcefield guys for providing me with such awesome kit. I was a bit disappointed they cut my leathers and also Forcefield under garments off me in the medical centre but they are replaceable!!”

After replacing Deane’s base layers and Pro L2K back protector, which was also cut off in the medical centre, the Forcefield R&D team are looking forward to investigating the effects of such a high speed real world impact and expect to use the back protector at exhibitions in the future to show just how well Forcefield Body Armour performs.

Barry Burrell Brands Hatch

Forcefield sponsored rider Barry Burell test his back and chest protector at the first BSB round at Brands Hatch!

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