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Forcefield sponsor professional stunt performer

18/07/2012 11:58:00

The latest addition to Forcefield Body Armour’s sponsored athlete’s line up is professional stunt performer Marlow Warrington-Mattei.

Having worked on a number of high profile films such as Wrath Of the Titans, Captain America, Harry Potter and the latest James Bond spectacular Skyfall, Marlow has chosen Forcefield for a number of reasons as he explained

“As a stunt performer I am always looking at the best possible way to protect myself from the inevitable bumps and bangs and over the last few years have tried a number of products but kept coming back to Forcefield Body Armour. They tick all the boxes, as well as offering very high levels of impact protection, the armour is low profile, ideal under costumes, will withstand multiple impacts and is really comfortable to wear which is so important for long days on the set”

With a host of movies to shoot in the coming months Marlow will be testing the Forcefield Armour to the maximum and will be keeping us up to date with on-set stories and pictures.

For more information see Marlow's web site

Marlow in action in Wrath of the Titans doubling for actor Sam Worthington

Marlow Warrington Mattei

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