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Forcefield rider leads Speedway GP championship

10/09/2012 12:25:00

Forcefield sponsored new World Championship leader Chris Holder admits he was concerned about not following up his Cardiff heroics after storming to second place in the FIM Scandinavian SGP on Saturday.
The Australian champion leads the SGP standings by eight points after piling up 17 at the G&B Arena to overtake his Piraterna team mate Greg Hancock at the top.
After Holder left the Millennium Stadium with a whopping 23 points on August 25, all eyes were on the Poole-based star to see if he could turn up the heat on Herbie.
The usually laidback Sydneysider admits he felt the pressure a little, and particularly as he went into race 20 on seven points, knowing he needed to score from the graveyard gate four to reach the semis.
Holder took the chequered flag with aplomb, though, before joining meeting winner Tomasz Gollob and third-placed Antonio Lindback on the rostrum.

Chris Holder

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