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Successful season for Forcefield riders

03/12/2012 14:46:00

At the end of this year’s British Superbike Season we spoke to a few of the riders who have been wearing Forcefield Body Armour and Climate Control Base layers and this is what they had to say.
Josh Wainwright - "I'd just like to thank Forcefield for all their help this year they have saved my life more than once, best gear out there!"
Adam Jenkinson - "This year has not gone to plan I ended up 9th overall in the Superstock 1000 Championships. I really enjoyed using the Forcefield products; it provided great protection and a fantastic service and hope to be using it again in 2013."
Keith Farmer - "This year was my first year using Forcefield Body Armour and it has been great and given me the confidence knowing that if I do have a crash I'm going to be protected. I have had three massive crashes this year and thanks to all the guys at Forcefield I never severely hurt myself due to being well protected. Thanks to everyone."
Dan Linfoot - "Overall I was 20th in the British Superbikes after only doing four rounds and 17th in the World Supersport Championship after doing five rounds. My best results in World Supersport was third place at the final round at Magny Cours. I am very satisfied with the level of protection I received from Forcefield; it was great protection and mega under garments. I thoroughly recommend it and thank them for all their support."  
Christian Iddon - "Forcefield has kept me safe this season and that's the most important part! I've tested it a few times this year and it has certainly done its job, I managed to get nine podiums, two wins and two lap records."
Ryan Farquhar - "2012 was a pretty good season for me until the Manx GP. I won eight Championships and three international road races. I thankfully never had to test out the Forcefield products in a crash but for comfort it's second to none. The Forcefield products I use when doing Enduro and Motocross also is by far the best kit I've used for comfort and protection, thank you to them for helping me in my racing career."
Mark Wilkinson - "It was a tough debut season for me in the BSB series and a steep learning curve. The quality of the Forcefield products were a huge advantage to keep me calm and relaxed in all of the various conditions we faced this year as well as protecting me throughout the year and all accidents I had. It's a testament to the quality of Forcefield I escaped injury in the few incidents I had this season."
Deane Brown - "My best result this year was 5th in my rookie year! It's been full of ups and downs and bumps and bruises! I've tested the Forcefield Body Armour well this year, hopefully not half as much next year! I've thankfully suffered no major injuries and Forcefield certainly played a huge part in that as some of the crashes were very fast and scary! Thank Forcefield for everything this year it's been much appreciated."
Jamie Hamilton - "I’ve had a really good season this year wearing my Forcefield back and chest protector. I was fastest newcomer at the TT and won several road races in Ireland and won at the Southern 100 which is an International road race. So it was a great year for me. I had a few spills along the way and I never got hurt thanks to all my Forcefield protection."
Sam Warren - "A big thank you to the Forcefield for their support this season. There has certainly been a couple of instances when I've been glad to be wearing the armour and it has kept me as safe as possible. I look forward to their continued support next season in what is looking like an excellent prospect for me."
Barry Burrell - "I can't say enough about the Forcefield Body Armour. The back protector is the best I've ever had plus the leathers I wore were also fitted with Forcefield armour and I couldn't fault the protection or quality even with multiple crashes. Also the under suits worked perfectly and I never had an issue with them, they work great in cool or warm conditions. Thanks to everyone at Forcefield for their help."
Danny Buchan - "The Forcefield armour worked great for me in the few crashes that I had this season. I broke some vertebrae this season in a training motocross accident whilst not wearing the Forcefield products it was more important after I came back to racing from this injury that I was protected and thanks to them I was."
Ben Wilson - "Thankfully I've not had to test out the Forcefield products too much this season but the products are really comfortably and easy to wear as a racer that's the main thing. I'd like to thank them for their help this season and look forward to wearing the Forcefield products next season."
Johnny Blackshaw - "Well, after a season of ups and downs, quite literally, the Forcefield chest and back protector has done its job perfectly! After a season of some enormous crashes, and unfortunately for me, always 'high-sides' I have not succumb to any broken bones thankfully! This is a credit to the work Forcefield have done and I can't thank them enough."
Bjorn Estment - "2012 would be the first year competing in the British Championships as well as the first time I would use Forcefield Body Armour, why have I not been using it before..?? This is by far the most comfortable and most effective body protection I have had the pleasure of using and not by choice putting to the test. Every time it has been called upon it has done its job and passed with flying colours!! The comfort it second to none and the fit, weight and feel is brilliant! If I have to pick a moment during the season where the armour came into its own, it would have to be Knockhill, the tight and twisty Scottish circuit proved to be a really tricky and through the weekend the armour was called upon three times and stood up to the test each time totally protecting the areas covered! I'd like to thank them all."
Ben Burke - "I am a Forcefield Body Armour user and will continue to be in the future. I am still able to use the same armour that I crashed in due to it being able to withstand multiple impacts. As an overall package I am very happy to wear all of what has been supplied because they are made to be used with one and other, I would not have been able to have the success that I have had this season if I had not been comfortable on the bike, Forcefield gave this to me."

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