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Forcefield athlete Filip Flisar takes Ski Cross World Cup in Telluride!

17/12/2012 10:31:00

Forcefield athlete Filip Flisar takes Ski Cross World Cup in Telluride!
Flisar – the third ranked skier after qualifications - looked strong from the get-go, though he wasn't entirely dominant through his elimination, quarter, and semi-final heats. Rather, it was Wednesday's top qualifier, Canadian Brady Leman, who appeared to be destined for the win, using the top-seeding after qualification and powerful starts to win his first two heats and come second in his semi-final heat only after a photo-finish showed Swiss skier Armin Niederer to have edged him by a glove.
Niederer would go on join Leman and Flisar in the final along with the impressive Frenchman Jean Frederic Chapuis, with the four together creating something of a perfect storm – likely the four best men's ski cross racers in the world going head-to-head in a single heat.
And the men did not disappoint. As he had all day, Leman took the early lead, but a slight mistake near the top opened the door for Flisar, who shot to the front. With all four skiers bunched tightly through the mid-section of the course, canny maneuvering by Flisar kept Leman behind, where the Canadian was forced into a back-and-forth battle with Niederer. Coming over the final jump it appeared Flisar made a mistake on take-off that might allow either Niederer or Leman to sneak by in a drag race to the finish, but somehow the charismatic Slovenian held off the other two skiers in a three-way photo finish that saw Leman return the favour to Niederer and claim 2nd-place by a finger.
Hey, no problems,” a champagne-drenched Flisar joked from the finish, using a phrase that is becoming a personal signature much like his moustache, “Just casual. Keeping it casual.”

Filip Flisar Teluride World Cup

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