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Austin Vince Mondo Sahara Trailer

11/02/2013 10:37:00

Forcefield sponsored Adventure motorcyclist and film maker Austin Vincehas released the first short trailer for his next epic Road Movie Mondo Sahara.

 Click on the link below to view the trailer

"Mondo Sahara"

Mondo Sahara is a seven man team riding 3000 miles off – road from Bilbao to Mauritania. Once there, they will launch an extreme unsupported solo 1000 mile lunge into the Empty Quarter of the Sahara. Each night they will be digging up caches of buried food, fuel and water that were hidden weeks earlier by a desert logistics team from the Beast Of Burden outfit. This has never been attempted on such an ambitious level before. It really is cutting edge motorcycle adventure.

Mondo Sahara

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