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27/02/2014 13:06:00

Forcefield Body Armour increase availability with new venture
Forcefield Body Armour are pleased to announce that their award winning product range will now be even more accessible in the major power sports market of Canada.

Forcefield will be working with the newly created Motonation Canada, a new division of the successful Motonation USA.

This collaboration with exclusive US distributor Motonation and Canadian industry veterans Syl and Shawna Marleau and Vince Harker, has the sole aim of better serving and growing the existing Canadian dealer network.

With warehouse facilities located in Alberta and Ontario which are ideally situated to service the whole country and an increased presence at consumer shows, race tracks and local dealerships Forcefield is set continue its recent success south of the border in the US.

All Motonation Canada partners have extensive industry experience and are no strangers to hard work, Canada or motorcycling and will continue with Motonation’s philosophy of working together in exclusive partnerships with dealers in their market area to build long term, solid relationships

Forcefield News - More Forcefield in Canada

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