Boom Shorts, managed to sit on all 90,000 seats of the Iconic Wembley Stadium in London........

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Soccer stars in Boom Shorts complete gruelling charity challenge

25/03/2014 10:40:00

Congratulations to soccer stars Allan Shearer and Robbie Savage who, clad in their Forcefield Boom Shorts, managed to sit on all 90,000 seats of the Iconic Wembley Stadium in London.

The gruelling duel undertaken for Sport Relief took the pair five punishing days to cover 45,000 seats each, with Alan Shearer reaching his final one in the royal box 13 minutes ahead of his rival.

Even though Robbie Savage was the last to reach the famed royal box he did manage an official Guinness World Record on the way by sitting on 86 seats in 60 seconds beating Alan by just 1 seat.

To help keep their morale high during the week, Alan and Robbie were joined by some of their favourite famous fans and celebrity mates including Olympic Gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave, McBusted star Harry Judd and boxers Carl Froche and George Groves.

After five days of hardcore squatting and sliding, the ex-professional footballers were in absolute agony as they pushed their aching bodies to finish the punishing task and when the end came they were showered in champagne before taking relief in an ice bath and massage.

Alan and Robbie put their bottoms on the line in the hope of raising a lifesaving sum of cash to help change the lives of vulnerable people in the UK and around the world and managed raise over an incredible £440,000

Savage Boom Shorts at Wembley

Alan Shearer resting in his Boom Shorts

Boom Shorts Wembley

Shearer and Savage Sport Relief Challenge

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