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Customer Testimonial

29/04/2014 11:29:00

It’s never good to hear about an accident, but it is good to know the armour the team at Forcefield are so passionate about is out there and saving people.

This is a message that we got recently that makes all the hard work worth it!

“You may or may not get a lot of comments or feedback from everyday people that use your products. I had a bad... bad... bad crash in 2011 with my Forcefield, and it saved my life. I went into a ditch at about 95mph, and it tore my 07 r1 in half. I woke up with my back against a log, 15 ft down a hill in a creek. Here's the video. Your back protector saved my life, and even though it's 2.5 years later, we were discussing back protectors and I can't recommend you folks enough”

Tested • Proven • Trusted