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A Eureka moment at Forcefield HQ!

15/07/2014 15:05:00

The new Forcefield Mug Mat, high tech protection for your desk and your mug and when you drink as much tea and coffee as we need to drink to keep making the World’s best body armour then there will always be a risk of desk/mug damage!

The Mug Mat will be available in limited numbers at a number exhibitions that will be attended by the Forcefield team this Autumn.

To get your Mug Mat visit the Forcefield Body Armour stand at

INTERMOT, Cologne, Germany 1st – 5th October

AIMExpo, Orlando, USA 16th – 19th October

Motorcycle Live, Birmingham, UK 22nd – 30th November

Forcefield Mug Mat

Tested • Proven • Trusted