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Forcefield to offer subsidised entry level back protector

08/12/2014 12:38:00

Making safety even more affordable

UK sports protection specialist Forcefield Body Armour has announced plans to reduce the retail price of its entry level Blade back protector in a drive to get more novice and small capacity riders to use protection.

The factory backed programme will see the recommended retail price cut by 15% making it more affordable to new riders who often don’t prioritise protection amongst the other considerable costs involved when starting to ride.

The CE Level 2 Blade Back Protector was designed to be as lightweight as possible, to be as flexible as possible and to be as thin as possible whilst still offering unrivalled levels of impact protection.

Using a very simple layered design the Blade is made from Forcefield’s shock absorbing material NitrexEvo® in an open system which allows it to move free of obstruction from stitching and binding creating a highly flexible and comfortable back protector that 3D moulds to the riders exact body shape.

As with all Forcefield protectors the Blade incorporates Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) ensuring continued and consistent protection even after multiple impacts along with fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps to ensure the optimum fit and comfort and is made breathable by a series of vent channels on the underside.


Making safety even more affordable

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