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The Forcefield RPT Extreme Test

09/02/2015 14:21:00

Incorporated into all Forcefield Body Armour products is the industry leading RPT (Repeat Performance Technology), a system that allows Forcefield armour to withstand multiple impacts and so ensuring continued and consistent protection even after numerous hits!

RPT has been tested in the past by a range of product specialists in the lab, on track, street and mountain but the Forcefield R&D team decided a more scientific test was called for and set about simulating the CE test for back protectors but in a more EXTREME way!

Using a CE standard testing rig a Pro L2K EVO back protector was strapped on and impacted with a 5 kg impactor dropped from a height necessary to generate an impact speed of 4.47 m/s - This equates to an impact energy of 50 joules, the exact same impact requirements as used in the CE test for back protectors EN1621-2, but instead of the 5 impacts required for the CE test the R&D team impacted the back protector 100 times in 5 different areas.

The results were staggering, even after 100 impacts the protector remained within the limits set by the CE standard EN1621-2 with the impacts in the centre of the protector, closest to the spine, averaging results that would still attain the highest possible CE Level 2 pass.

Of course in real life, to have 100 impacts to a back protector is very unrealistic but to have multiple impacts is very realistic and to know that your armour is going to protect you time after time, impact after impact, accidental or on purpose is invaluable!

Forcefield RPT Extreme Test


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