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The EX-K Harness Adventure – Probably the best sports body armour in the World!

22/06/2015 11:42:00

We often get asked why our EX-K Adventure Harness is so expensive-
Well, actually it represents brilliant value for money, rather than being expensive.
Here are just a few reasons why.......

•    The only fully certified CE level 2 upper body protector in the world - This means it protects better than any other sports body armour!
•    It is stitched together with Kevlar Thread - This is stronger than steel!
•    All Armour pieces have Repeat Impact Technology - You can crash again and again without having to replace it!
•    Over 10 years in development - How many products can claim this?
•    Unique 3D heat body moulding system to ensure a snug and secure fit - Ensures the perfect fit for all!
•    Neck Brace compatible - For added safety!
•    Thousands of holes ensure that it is fully breathable – Increasing comfort, even in the hottest condition. As you would expect from us.......
•    Comfortable, real life all day wearable- No hassle!
•    Modular, with huge adjustability - Fits all shapes and sizes!
•    Oh, and 14 fixing points to the body - Yet its an ‘open’ system.... Incredible!

As we say - Simply great Value for money!

EX-K Harness Adventure Front

EX-K Harness Adventure Back

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