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Customer Testimonial

13/08/2015 09:35:00

We occasionally get reports in from riders that have been unlucky enough to test out their Forcefield Body Armour in a real life accident and while we never like to hear about anyone having an accident it’s always great to hear that our armour is doing exactly what it is designed to do.~~

The following testimony comes from a rider in the US who had to “test” his safety gear and was thankful he had taken the time and spent the money to get the best he could!

"And He Walked Away Too...that's pretty much what the 4 paramedics, rescue firefighters, 2 police constables, the trauma ER Doc & Nurses uttered when they saw me.  

This past Friday, August 7th, 2015 while riding down main street in Kelowna, BC an elderly woman barreled past a stop sign and T-Boned me full on.    The right side of my bike's engine cylinder and my right knee (wearing the ForceField Armour) took all of the impact.

Instantly after hearing the crunch, the bike flipped over to the left, smacked me on my back, and I cartwheeled across 3 lanes...hit and then flipped over the curb, and smacked into a fire hydrant.  

Thanks to your product, I was able to walk out of the hospital with a bruised knee and little swelling....

Your Forcefield Armour plating saved me from serious injury.

For good measure I was collared, placed on a backboard and taken to Trauma @ the local hospital as they treated it as a "fractured neck" on the call.

Nobody could believe it when they came on scene looking at the SUV and my bike (the old lady driver had actually kept driving on a bit, actually pushing my now broken bike in front of the car).

Folks, again, because of the ForceField Armour Product, Suit, and HELITE Airnest Vest, I was able to walk away with little more than a bruised knee and sore leg.

Thank you for such an incredible product.   It should be required by every rider.

"Loud Pipes" don't save Lives and limbs...products like yours do.


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