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Snow.Guide gives Slam Shorts 9/10 for snowboarders

27/02/2017 16:00:00

'No matter what level of snowboarder you are, the Forcefield Slam shorts would be a good investment and you actually did take a slam, your coccyx would thank you for it!

A while back I reviewed the Forcefield Boom shorts which give great protection for skiers and snowboarders, but the Forcefield Slam shorts have been especially designed for snowboarders, getting rid of the excess padding that is not required on the hips. The results are that they are even more lightweight and comfortable to wear.

They are secured by a draw string at the top with the griper elastic around the legs to ensure they do not slip down, and although basic, it works.

All the important areas are protected using the unique and effective Forcefield M15® triple layered, high energy absorbing armour, protecting buttocks and coccyx.  The armour is 3D mouldable and heat of your body shapes the armour into place.

Another bonus is that the armour is made from Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) so there is no loss of protection, even after multiple impacts.  Although, I will have to take their word on that because I am too old to be throwing myself around as a test dummy!

The Forcefield M15® armour is kept in place within pockets and are removable so the shorts can be thrown into a washing machine to keep them clean.

The shorts are put on next to the skin and are used as another base layer keeping you warm in cold temperatures (ideal for sitting on the snow waiting for your mates to catch up).  They also keep you cool when you are hot because they are constructed using BeCool, a unique technical fibre that helps control the body temperature while snowboarding / skiing by offering breathability, wicking and is fast drying.

To summarise, I love the fact that these are designed for snowboarders and in cutting out the excess hip padding, the Slam shorts are extremely comfortable with a low profile and I didn’t even realise I had them on most of the time. The Forcefield Slam shorts have all the same features and technology as the Forcefield Boom shorts, but cheaper and great value for money.'

The science bit:

  • CE Approved M15® armour
  • Constructed from BeCool with Humidity Discharge Function
  • Removable armour for machine washing
  • RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
  • Tested to -10 Celsius

Review Summary

Forcefield Slam Shorts reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Snowboarding
Rating: 9 out of 10


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