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21/06/2017 14:19:00

Forcefield’s new Pro Sub 4K back protector is in store now!

The multi-layered armour is now held together using Kevlar thread for added strength and security – with a new vibrant red colourway. It still has the same unequalled massive protection as it's predecessor, the Pro Sub 4, passing at 3.38Kn in the CE test.

The Pro Sub 4K will replace the outgoing Pro Sub 4 (the first motorcycle back protector in the world to pass the CE 2 test at below 4kN.)

The Pro Sub 4K is Forcefield’s latest advancement in the world of high performance body armour; it has been engineered to provide maximum protection and comfort to motorcycle riders:

  • Withstands multiple impacts – it passes the CE 2 test at 3.38kN.
  • Helps maintain body temperature – designed with hundreds of ventilation holes.
  • 3D custom moulds to your individual body shape for maximum comfort and extra protection – using our unique DRI-M (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) technology.

Whatever your discipline - on road, off road, on track, touring, super moto or adventure – the Pro Sub 4K back protector will keep you comfortable and safe, time and time again.

Find out more about the Pro Sub 4K here

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