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03/07/2017 15:43:00

The Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest in a successful line of innovative variations of the Pro L2 back protector. With a softer and more flexible moulded first protection layer and improved heat activated 3D moulding, it moulds to the wearer’s shape even faster - giving more comfort without compromising on safety.

  • It’s even less noticeable than its predecessor, the Pro L2K Evo.
  • It passes the CE 2 test at a remarkably high protection level: Ambient 4.988kN, Wet 6.18kN, Low Temperature 7.51kN (minus 10 degrees C).
  • The multi-layered technical materials are held together with Kevlar® thread for extra security and strength.
  • It contains hundreds of ventilation holes to help maintain body temperature.
  • Male and female versions are available.

Find out more about the Pro L2K Dynamic here


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