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Coming soon - Forcefield Body Armourís new moto 2018 range

11/12/2017 13:10:00

Forcefield is launching an exciting new range for the 2018 moto season. This comprehensive new range includes body armour clothing, upper body protectors and technical base layers.

NEW! Pro Range
All armoured clothing products are now brought into the same family using the ‘Pro’ name.

Technological advances in armour manufacture, in terms of thinner, lighter and more protective construction - combined with engineered fabric and production techniques - make this range truly the pinnacle of armour technology and sports protection.

The new Pro range includes: Pro Shirt X-V 1, Pro Shirt X-V 2, Pro Jacket X-V 1, Pro Jacket X-V 2, Pro Vest X-V 1, Pro Vest X-V 2, Pro Shorts 1, Pro Shorts 2, Pro Pant 1, Pro Pant 2, Pro Tube 1, Pro Tube 2. Click here to view

NEW! Sport Range
A more affordable, yet still high performing base layer armoured clothing range designed to complement the higher specification Pro Range.

Supremely comfortable, classy and breathable, it utilises compression fit technology and is equipped with CE2 back and chest inserts where applicable.

As with our Pro Range, the wearer can choose whether itâ?Ts fitted with Isolator CE1 or CE2 shoulder and elbow armour. This gives greater flexibility in terms of price, and armour characteristics.

The new Sport range includes: Sport Shirt X-V 1, Sport Shirt X-V 2, Sport Jacket X-V 1, Sport Jacket X-V 2, Sport Pant 1, Sport Pant 2, Sport Tube 1, Sport Tube 2. Click here to view

NEW! FreeLite Back Protector
Using the very latest cutting techniques and clever design the ‘free fitting’ armour shapes to the body perfectly, offering huge flexibility and no restriction when moving around on the motorcycle. The FreeLite is comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Click here to view

NEW! Tech 2 Base Layers
The ultimate technical base layer range comprises the Tech 2 Shirt, Tech 2 Pant, Tech 2 Balaclava and Tech 2 Neck Tube. They uniquely offer superior comfort, an ergonomic compression fit, a massaging inner surface fabric and dual purpose, intelligent characteristics: (keep cool in hot conditions, keep warm in cooler conditions.) Click here to view

The new moto 2018 range will be available from the end of January 2018. Further announcements will be made here, on our social media pages and in our Impact News e-newsletter.

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