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Forcefield back protector 'saves' Speedway World Champion Jason Doyle

30/07/2018 12:59:00

Yet again Forcefield Body Armour is proven in the real world!

Forcefield-wearing Speedway World Champion Jason Doyle crashed heavily at the Speedway GP in Wales at the weekend.
Doyle was wearing a Forcefield Back Protector that in his words ‘100% saved me!’

Watch the clip here

Time and time again Forcefield protectors pass the CE standards higher than other brands, when you watch this crash, you realise just why we work to such high standards. It is the reason our development guys work so hard to get the best impact performance - proven over and over again.

Doyle was released from hospital the next day with minor injuries.

Thank you Jason for trusting and believing in Forcefield.

Tested • Proven • Trusted