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Forcefield win Canadian Test!

17/08/2011 11:46:00

Canadian magazine MotoPlus group test motorcycle back protectors and award the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 and Pro L2 the top two positions for impact resitance and ergonomics as well as naming them as best in test.

After a comparison test with a number of other manufactures the outcome was unanimous with the Pro Sub 4 declared as the overall winner. Described as “Superlative, the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 is the back protector of reference, one to which all others must be measured.  In independent tests, it paid the luxury to save a note of impact better than that announced by the manufacturer.  An example!”

The final test summary stated “The big winner of the match comparison is the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 that in addition to being the strongest impact is also one of the most comfortable to wear on road and track.  Four of our employees have bought one from this trial and are delighted.”

Another confirmation that Forcefield Body Armour is the "World's Premier Protection"

The full test can be viewed here

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