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12/09/2011 09:09:00

Factory sponsored in part Drag Racer for BMW Mottorad; Domonic Anderson is no stranger for the need for speed.
Known by peers and colleagues within the drag race community, Domonic has become a coach and spokesperson for many new drag racers as well as a test rider for major manufactures and custom builders.
Becoming BMW's first pro African American drag racer, he was the first to debut the S1000RR at the drag strip.
Right out of high school, he found his passion to race when invited to a local drag strip with friends.
Challenging his new hobby, he entered the MiRock SuperBike Racing Series and made a name for himself by achieving low ET numbers on stock wheel base bikes.
In 2008, rookie Domonic Anderson entered the AMA Drag Racing Series finishing within the top ten in the nation.
Since then he has been featured in numerous national magazines, radio talk shows and meet and greet events nationwide.

Domonic Anderson

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