Net Upgrade Armour (Flat)

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  • CE LEVEL 2
  • Max Thickness 9mm
  • Heat activated body moulding)
  • RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
  • Flexible
  • Low profile
  • Highly breathable
  • Soft and comfortable

Why CE Level 2 is better!

To attain CE Level 2, EN1621-1, armour must transmit an average of no more than 20kN of energy when impacted with 50 joules (around 5kg dropped from 1 metre height) whilst CE Level 1 must transmit no more than 35kN of energy.

Simply put the lower the amount of transmitted energy the better the protection provided!

The premium Forcefield NeT Upgrade Armour is a highly flexible and breathable  protector certified to the very latest CE testing standards EN1621-1 Level 2

Using a unique formulation allows the NeT armour to be both low profile (max thickness 9mm) and flexible for optimum comfort whilst still having RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) which allows the armour to withstand multiple impacts without a loss of performance or structural integrity for long term protection.

The most comfortable and breathable upgrade armour available.

Sizes Available: Shoulder, Arm/Knee

(Also available Pre-moulded)

                       Max Length      Max Width
Shoulder             246mm            151mm
Arm/Knee            284mm            151mm

EN1621-1 Level 2

We recommend you visit a Forcefield dealer to guarantee you purchase the correct size to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

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