RiDE - June 2014

17/04/2014 14:07:00

Another award for Forcefield! This time the technical base layers get a RiDE Recommended award in the magazines Summer Base Layer product test.

RiDE Recommended - Forcefield Base Layer - March 2014

16/04/2014 15:48:00

Gear guide gets hands on with the Pro Sub 4 in this review video. Good stuff? You bet.

To watch the video click on the image below!

Forcefield Pro Sub 4


Adventure Bike Rider - March/April 2014

27/03/2014 15:47:00

ABR show the Airo Vest in their New Kit section and conclude "In a line: Discreet protection"........

ABR Airo Vest preview


Motorcycle Monthly - April 2014

27/03/2014 15:40:00

Motorcycle Monthly are trying out the new Airo Vest with first impressions in their product section.....

Motorcycle Monthly Airo Vest


Motorcycle News - March 2014

20/03/2014 10:46:00

The World's biggest weekly motorcycle newspaper Motorcycle News reports on the Tornado+ Shirt in its Kit Reviews Section and says "...a brilliant addition to my winter riding kit and hugely out-performs my expectations...."

MCN-Tornado+ Review


Visordown - March 2014

05/03/2014 12:49:00

Online Moto magazine Visordown try out the Pro Shirt, Action Shorts and Limb Tubes and now understand the Forcefield philosophy!

To View the article click on the link below

Visordown - Lightweight body armour from Forcefield



RiDE - April 2014

27/02/2014 11:40:00

UK moto magazine RiDE lists "Hot New Kit" in every editition and names the new Pro L2K EVO back protector in their April 2014 copy.

RiDE-April14-ProL2K EVO


RRmag - February/March 2014

27/02/2014 11:34:00

French magazine RRmag reviews the Pro Sub 4 Back Protector after a long term test...

Pro Sub 4 review RRmag


Cycle World - March 2014

18/02/2014 13:08:00

The new Airo Vest features in the March edition of US moto magazine Cycle World.
“Built for a body blow” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Cycle World March 2014 Airo Vest


Fast Bikes - March 2014

31/01/2014 11:50:00

The all new Blade Back Protector is featured in the “Upfront” section of Fastbikes March 14 issue.

Forcefield Blade in Fast Bikes March 14