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LA MOTO Magazine reviews our Pro L2K Evo and Pro Sub 4 back protectors

28/04/2017 12:39:00

Spanish publication, LA MOTO Magazine, has reviewed the Forcefield Pro L2K Evo and Pro Sub 4 back protectors in the 'mejor compra' ('best buys') guide.

Google Translations:
Pro L2K Evo: '3D design of the Nirex Evo impact material for a correct fit to the body, different perforated layers sewn with Kevlar thread, double adjustment by straps to the shoulders and Velcro in waist, high breathability. Among the two options of the British manufacturer of protections, it is the most suitable for an open road standard use. Although it seems somewhat heavy, however the different layers that compose this trellis, as well as the adjustments available, force the weight of the assembly to be minimized. It is not excessive in any case. It is very easy to disassemble to wash the base. Correct fit for a very tight set, with possibility of washing.'

Pro Sub 4: 'CE approval with level 2 safety certificate, 3.38kN impact test, 32mm thick, elastic strap and Velcro waistband, detachable and washable base, breathable, high flexibility and adaptability. The roof of the brand specializing in protection is found in this Pro Sub 4, where the highest score has been obtained in the evaluation of impacts during the tests carried out for its approval. The high adaptation to the body is given by the high flexibility offered by the assembly that, although it is somewhat daunting to the eye, nevertheless once put in it brings a practically perfect fit. Preferred use sporty but suitable for what you want for its easy fit.'

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