Forcefield Body Armour specialises in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems.
The brand prides itself on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class leading products.
Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow across many industries and sports.

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Knee Down



Back protectors, chest and rib protectors, upper body protection systems, back inserts and upgrade armour


Our complete range of Armoured Base layers for upper and lower body protection.


Tech 2 base Layers and our revolutionary "Tornado Advance" windproof mid layer.

Base Layer

The base layer is the first layer that sits directly against your skin. A base layers two main function are to  regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture from the skin.

A base layer is your first layer of protection against the elements and will provide a small amount of warmth. A base layer should also ‘wick’ or ‘transport moisture or sweat’ away from the body. This will help to regulate your body temperature as any moisture build up can draw warmth away from your body.

Cotton clothing is not much use as a base layer. Cotton will soak up any moisture that may build up but won’t dry out making you feel very cold. Check out Forcefields Tech 2 Base layers which utilise Be-Cool fabric and Dry yarn technology to offer the ultimate in comfort and performance.

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