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A line of people wearing the Forcefield Body Armour harness with a visible back protector and protective pads.


For back protectors that you can rely on while snowboarding, riding a motorcycle, or riding on rough terrain, Forcefield have you covered. Using our passion for stylish, innovative armoured technology, we’ve engineered our back protectors to meet the highest safety standards. Comfortable, energy absorbent, and breathable, Forcefield back protectors are the only choice for anybody serious about riding fast and riding safe – available to buy online today.

Wide shot of a back protector from Forcefield which has a yellow outline around the armour and the fastening straps on both ends.

Our reactive, intelligent Pro L2K Dynamic back protector offers shape moulding, comfort, ventilation, and high energy absorption for the ultimate protective experience. Providing armoured, intelligent comfort, this back protector will keep you protected in any environment.

Rear shot of the Pro Vest XV2 Air protective base layer with a visible back protector inserted into the back.

Soft and comfortable using Becool breathable fabric.

The Pro Vest XV2 AIR offers slimline, flexible protection and is a great alternative to a strap-on back protector. 

Secret formulations and Nitrile composites form the basis of massive protection. Combine these materials with innovative layering systems and you get thinner overall profiles, while offering huge protection. Materials that move, shape, flow and mould to the wearer are the key to Forcefield comfort. Delivering a high-performance range that no other brand can match.
Black and yellow breathable pads consisting of four layers with red and blue arrows to show air flow between each of the layers.

All armour is fully vented for increased airflow and maximum comfort in use.

A close up of a four layer pad consisting of black and yellow colours with green arrows pointing away from the pad to show how it absorbs shock.
Diagram of how Forcefields protective base layers work with shock absorbtion showing two blue arrows pointing towards the material.
A diagram showing how heat anticipation and shock absorbtion works with Forcefields back protector.


Dynamic, Reactive and Intelligent materials mixed together in unique ways to ensure the very best energy absorption.


Unique 3-Dimensional moulding

characteristics make the armour feel like part of the body.


The smart materials react to a little body heat, resulting in even more comfort and secure fitting.

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