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Rear shot of Forcefield Body Armours harness with a back protector and protective pads and chest protector.


Forcefield Body Armour provides the perfect protective experience for any aspiring or professional athletes. Designed to protect you on the motorcycle, the mountain or the Mtb trail,  we use incredible innovative technology to make sure our body armour exceeds both CE  compliance standards and your expectations. Aiming to combine maximum comfort with the best protection, our body, limb and back protectors ensure you feel confident, protected and comfortable all day long. - Shop the full range and buy online today.

Wide shot of a back protector from Forcefield which has a yellow outline around the armour and the fastening straps.

Our original, award-winning back protectors offer the best comfort and protection for your back. Start your journey and check out our range today.

Yellow protective T shape armour insert with loads of holes inside to allow ventilation.

Upgrade your body armour today with shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and back inserts from Forcefield. Our highly versatile body armour inserts will ensure your safety no matter the situation.

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