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Close up of the Gtech protective clothing base layer in grey.


Eco Friendly logo with a waterbottle vector image in the middle.
A man wearing the grey Gtech protective clothing base layer with protective pads and a chest protector.

The GTech base layer range utilises a high performance, wicking, breathable fabric constructed from the latest in recycled yarns to achieve comfort and protection in an ecologically responsible garment.

Designed to complement the higher specification Pro XV2 AIR Range it is Supremely comfortable and is equipped with the very best Forcefield protection. The Body Armour is super soft, 3D mouldable and heat reactive delivering the ultimate comfort in a low-bulk garment

At a price point where some armour brands might offer lower grade armour, we are passionate that we should not compromise on protection levels. This is why you will find our highest spec “Freefit” CE Level 2 Back and Chest protection fitted as standard. The wearer can then choose whether the garment is fitted with Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour. This gives greater flexibility in terms of armour characteristics, temperature and usage.

Front shot of a grey base layer with protective pads on the chest and shoulders and elbows and the grey base layer has purple strips running down the sleeves.
Grey protective base layer from GTech with protective pads on the shoulder and elbow areas.

The GTech shirt is soft, comfortable, breathable and offers unrivalled protection.

Back, shoulder and elbow protection in a lower bulk garment.

Grey protective base layer clothing with visible protective knee and hips pads.

Buttock, hip and knee protection in a soft, comfortable full-length pant.

Grey protective knee pads with protective pads inside of them and the Forcefield Body Armour logo in the middle where the knee cap goes.

The GTech Limb Tube is designed to we worn on either the knee or elbow.

Man on a bike taking a sharp turn while wearing Forcefield Body Armour protective clothing with protective pads.
Wicking, Breathable fabric which is manufactured using recycled ocean plastics to achieve comfort and protection in an environmentally responsible garment.

High performance breathable, wicking fabric

Contains recycled polyester from ocean waste plastics

90 % less water used in manufacture*

80% less CO2 used in manufacture*

100 % recyclable fabric

*Compared to virgin polyester

Diagram with a beige colour and a blue coloured layer on top of the baige coloured one with a blue arrow above the two pointing upwards to show heat anticipation.
Using a specially formulated hyper elastic polymer, Forcefield Body Armour has created their Isolator Armour range which offers super thin protection with outstanding performance. Rigorously tested and certified by SATRA to EN1621-1:2012.
A diagram showing how heat anticipation and shock absorbtion works with Forcefields back protector.


Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material - unique high density formulations and added memory properties ensure the very best energy absorption and the ability to withstand multi-impacts.


All armour is fully vented for increased airflow and maximum comfort in use.


The smart materials react to a little body heat, resulting in even more comfort and a secure fitting.


Unique 3-Dimensional moulding characteristics make the armour feel like part of the body.

A diagram showing how heat anticipation and shock absorbtion works with Forcefields back protector from the side.
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