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Forcefield Body Armours protective clothing base layers hung up on hangers.


Wide shot showing Forcefields protective base layer clothing which has yellow stripes runnind down along the arms.

Technical base layers and windproof mid layers offer wicking, breathable solutions to massively improve wearer comfort in even the most extreme environments.

A back view of Forcefields body armour consisting of shoulder protective pads and elbow protective pads and a back protector and a chest protector.

Back and chest protectors.

Upper body protection

Back inserts,

Upgrade armour.

A dark blue base layer with protective pads on the chest and shoulders and elbows with yellow coloured protective pads.

Our complete range of Armoured Base layers for upper and lower body protection.

Man leaning against a motorcycle wearing a pair of Trilobite riding jeans.
Logo for Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans


Original design, innovative cut, and advanced features which enhance your riding experience.

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