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5 Star Review For Our L2K Back Protector

Updated: Jul 24

Forcefield Pro L2k Back Protector

Championing superior safety on the road for riders everywhere, the Forcefield Pro L2K back protector has been setting benchmarks for years, earning a plethora of awards and distinctions from a myriad of industry authorities. With a sophisticated blend of reactive, intelligent materials that ensure unrivalled comfort, ventilation, and high energy absorption, the L2K back protector has proven itself an invaluable companion for any motorcycle journey.

Motorcycling expert Emma Franklin at MCN Magazine has been an avid user of the L2K model, clocking in over 60,000 miles and a decade of experience. Emma's comprehensive review offers deep insights into the critical facets of the L2K back protector, praising its tenacity, snug fit, and the security it provides.

Impact protection with the L2K back protector

It's rated at the highest CE Level 2 for impact absorption

The L2K back protector passes the CE EN1621-2 test at an industry-leading 5.4KN, thanks to Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials). Our innovative approach to technology means that it can withstand multiple impacts, and it's tied together with Kevlar® thread for added security and strength where you need it the most.

Comfort and ease

Forcefield's proprietary soft armour compound moulds to the contours of your back as the material warms [...] so comfortable that you forget that you are wearing it.

We designed the L2K back protector to fit close to the skin thanks to its incredible 3D moulding capabilities, following the contours of your back as soon as you put it on. With hundreds of breathable vents, we've made sure that wearing the L2K never feels claustrophobic while it maintains your body temperature.

Peace of Mind

The other great thing about it is adjustability; the wide elasticated Velcro waist belt and shoulder straps are super easy to adjust [...] it's a brilliant bit of kit that gives peace of mind and is really well made.

Our aim with the L2K was to provide maximum protection and incredible comfort in a single, all-inclusive back protector. It's been engineered specifically to offer the maximum in terms of safety and protection, and is super comfortable and extremely durable.

The L2K back protector stands the test of time with remarkable versatility; it can be used on the road, on track, commuting, touring, super-moto racing, or embarking on adventure trails. Soft, comfortable, multi-impact, slim and lightweight, the L2K back protector is an essential investment for every rider valuing safety and comfort.

You can delve deeper into Emma's in-depth review below, and make sure to visit the Forcefield online shop today to seize the L2K back protector at a discounted price of £139.99. Ride safe, ride confident with Forcefield Pro L2K.

A positive review of the Forcefield Pro LK2 back protector from MCN magazine.

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