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GTech Armoured Base Layer: The MSL Magazine Review

Updated: Jun 21

Last summer, Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine had the opportunity to review the Forcefield GTech armoured base layers, and their findings were impressive. As we are currently offering a fantastic 50% discount on the GTech range, we wanted to share the link to their review on our blog.

GTech armoured shirts and pants from Forcefield are not only highly protective but also environmentally conscious. These base layers are made from recycled materials, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, they are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring that riders stay comfortable even during long rides or in hot weather conditions.

What sets GTech armoured base layers apart is their incorporation of fully CE certified flexible armour. The armour panels are placed in key areas to provide maximum protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort. This means that riders can have peace of mind knowing that they are adequately safeguarded against potential impacts and abrasions.

Affordability is another notable feature of the GTech range. Forcefield has made it a priority to offer high-quality protective gear at accessible price points, allowing more riders to prioritize their safety without breaking the bank. GTech armoured base layers provide excellent value for money, considering their level of protection, durability, and overall performance.

MSL Magazine provide an in-depth analysis of GTech shirt and pants in their review, sharing their experiences and insights about the performance, fit, and overall quality of the armoured base layers. Reading their review by clicking the button below the gallery can give you valuable first-hand information and help you make an informed decision

Once you've read the review, we invite you to visit the Forcefield Web Store. There, you can take advantage of the incredible 50% discount we're currently offering on GTech gear. It's a substantial discount that presents an excellent opportunity to upgrade your protective gear without straining your budget. Your safety is worth it!

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