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Armoured Riding Shirt Review: Pro Shirt XV2 Air

Updated: Aug 17

Adventure Bike Rider Magazine have reviewed our Pro Shirt XV2 Air, the cutting-edge armoured riding shirt from Forcefield Body Armour. The passionate staff and community over at ABR are known for their unmatched expertise in motorcycle gear, and we're grateful for the opportunity to put the Pro Shirt XV2 through its paces to highlight its exceptional features!

With high levels of impact protection in a lightweight and stylish design, this armoured riding shirt offers you optimal comfort and safety, both on and off the road.

Pro Shirt XV2 Air Armoured Riding Shirt: The ABR Take

We've decided to highlight a few of ABR's stand-out remarks, which really show the power of the Pro Shirt XV2 Air.

"Provides high levels of impact protection in a cool, lightweight package"

Here at Forcefield, we're always looking to incorporate innovative technology into our products. That's why the XV2 Air armoured riding shirt combines industry-leading Isolator armour technology with a lightweight profile for maximum comfort. Isolator armour is not only 3D mouldable, soft, and heat reactive, but also features multi-impact technology for maximum durability and usability. With a thickness of only 12mm, the Pro Shirt XV2 Air is always a breeze to wear.

"A cool riding set up for warm days that will protect you on or off road"

One of the standout features of the Pro Shirt XV2 Air is its adaptability to different riding conditions. The shirt is perfect for warm days, providing riders with a cool riding setup that guarantees protection and comfort. Whether you're hitting the road or venturing off-road, this armoured riding shirt offers peace of mind and allows for unrestricted movement.

"The body-hugging design helps keep the armour in place"

The Pro Shirt XV2 Air showcases several design elements that contribute to its superior performance, such as seamless mesh technology, which offers excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. BeCool™ 4-channel base layer technology enhances airflow control and humidity discharge, further improving comfort during long rides. The ergonomic design of the shirt ensures a body-hugging fit, effectively keeping the armour in place.

Additional Features of the XV2 Armoured Riding Shirt

As you can see, we've incorporated advanced materials and technologies into the Pro Shirt XV2 Air to offer functionality that goes above-and-beyond standard riding gear. Some of the other technologies we've added include:

  • Heat-activated body moulding, allowing it to conform to the rider's body shape for a personalised fit

  • DRI-M, or Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Material technology, to ensure efficient moisture management

  • Removable armour for ease of maintenance

Get Your Pro Shirt XV2 Air Today!

Made for riders seeking an armoured riding shirt that offers both exceptional protection and comfort, you can't go wrong with the Pro Shirt XV2 Air. You can browse the Pro XV2 Air range, including shorts, vests and pants, right now through the Forcefield online shop. With free delivery to UK addresses over £30, it's never been a better time to experience the next level of riding gear technology.

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