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The Core Gilet: Our New Insulated Mid-Layer

Updated: May 12

The Core Gilet is a classic cut insulated mid-layer designed to help maintain your core temperature while you’re riding – but it looks just as great off the bike as it does on! Whether you’re popping into your local pub for a pint, grabbing a coffee on the road, or standing around a campfire deep into a woodland adventure, the Core Gilet keeps you feeling warm and looking cool wherever you go.

Combining the best natural wool and synthetic materials, as well as Forcefield’s unique approach to soft armour technology, this insulated mid-layer provides unmatched thermal and wicking properties with a soft, comfortable feel. The Core Gilet is a breathable and incredibly durable mid-layer available in a range of colour options to suit your style.

A Highly Absorbent Mid-Layer

As a performance insulating mid-layer, the Core Gilet does not absorb water from its outer surface and quickly dries when out of wet weather, meaning it won’t take long to get you back to peak performance. Since it’s pre-shrunk out of the box, water won’t affect the quality of the Core Gilet, helping it to stand up to the most extreme weather scenarios and keep you warm while you’re on the road.

The Core Gilet Combines Style and Performance

Manufactured using unique Thermatex fabric, which combines a quilted, woollen inner and outer layer with a middle insulation of polypropylene, the Core Gilet is designed to stand up to tough conditions, and was made with the stylish motorcycle enthusiast in mind. Featuring Forcefield’s sleek and minimalist branding, and individually hand-cut to make each gilet fit perfectly, this insulated mid-layer is the perfect choice for your next motorcycling adventure.

Core Gilet Insulated Mid-Layer Available Now

The Core Gilet is available now on our online store, where you’ll be able to find a range of armoured clothing, base- and mid-layers, and accessories to accompany your new purchase. With free shipping to UK mainland addresses on any purchase over £30, there’s never been a better time to shop Forcefield, where incredible style meets high-performance clothing.

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