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GTech Armoured Base Layer Review in RiDE Magazine!

Updated: Sep 5

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At Forcefield, we take pride in providing innovative solutions that combine style, comfort, and safety. Our GTech range of armoured base layers sets a new standard in motorcycle gear. It offers a combination of recycled, breathable materials along with CE certified flexible armour. Extensive road tests and product tests mean GTech is guaranteed to give you a great experience! Don't take our word for it, though. The esteemed experts at RiDE Magazine have given our armoured base layer a glowing review, highlighting its exceptional qualities that riders will appreciate.

Features and benefits of GTech

Steve Herbert-Mattick of RiDE had the opportunity to put the GTech armoured base layer shirt and pant combo to the test. Their verdict? Unsurprisingly, he was thoroughly impressed by the range of features and benefits it offers.

Eco-Friendly, Comfortable Fabric

GTech is made from wickable, breathable fabric made from recycled ocean plastics, giving you the best of both worlds. Our commitment to environmental responsibility doesn't mean we'll compromise on quality. As Steve says during his review:

The fabric is baby blanket soft, and flat seams mean no pressure points or aggravating lumps.

We've designed this armoured base layer to be breathable so that you can achieve comfort during rides and never feel held back by the weather. Choosing GTech also means choosing the greener option, so you can feel right at home in the wilds!

Customisable Armour for Incredible Protection

Our GTech armoured shirt comes with Freefit CE Level 2 Back and Chest protection as standard. Freefit armour uses Forcefield technology that reacts to heat to mould itself to you, resulting in incredible comfort and secure fitting.

It's light, moulds to the contours of your body and is very comfortable.

The GTech shirt also offers the option to add Isolator limb armour for increased flexibility. With all these options, we give riders greater control over their riding experience, adapting to different temperatures and usage scenarios.

Once you've got it on, the whole lot is barely noticeable.

Meets EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 Standards

All Forcefield's body armour, which you can learn more about here, meet EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 standards, which assess the protective capabilities of armour in motorcycle clothing. Thanks to extensive product tests and road tests, we've spent decades refining Forcefield armour to give you the best experience.

EN1621-1 standards specify the armour's ability to protect you against mechanical impacts, including accidents and falls. This means the armour:

  • Protects against impacts

  • Absorbs and distributes shock

  • Meets all specified performance criteria

  • Adequately covers vulnerable body parts

EN1621-2, on the other hand, specifically focuses on back protection for safeguarding your spine in the event of a fall or an impact. EN1621-2 standard means our armour:

  • Is effective in absorbing and distributing shock to the spine

  • Has been through rigorous product tests to assess its performance

  • Meets all specified performance criteria

Riding in Style

Available in a stylish Marl Grey colour, the GTech armoured base layer allows you to ride in both comfort and style. With the ability to remove armour at your discretion for cleaning, it can also function as comfortable casual wear in a stitch - as Steve testifies!

It's excellent quality, all-day comfy and does exactly what it is designed for.

The full review is available for you to read by simply clicking the button below the gallery. Once you've immersed yourself in the in-depth analysis of its remarkable features, head over to the Forcefield Web Store. For a limited time, you can grab your own set of GTech gear at an unbelievable 50% off!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the revolution in motorcycle gear that is the GTech range. With its unmatched comfort, impressive quality, and superior safety features, these armoured base layers are a game-changer for riders everywhere. Upgrade your gear today and ride in style and confidence with GTech.

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