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Angled front shot of the Pro Shirt protective clothing base layer with a chest protector and protective pads.


The Pro XV2 AIR range matches unsurpassed levels of comfort with unbeatable armour protection in a range of garments that will have you wondering why you haven't been wearing them as standard whatever your style of riding. Offering superb levels of impact protection and designed to remain in place under your outer clothing all day long, should they be called to action.
Brand new Seam-less loom full mesh technology has resulted in a fabric that not only is lighter, with unbeatable breathability, but is as strong as a regular fabric.
Man on a red bike wearing Forcefields base layer protective clothing and a red helmet.
The Isolator armour draws on our years of experience to achieve an armour that is lightweight, soft and heat activated to mould to your body whilst offering unparalleled protection.
Featuring CE level 2* Isolator armour which can easily be removed from the internal pocket to wash the garment.
Massive Protection. Freefit back armour from 6kN- Limb armour from 10.6kN!
A dark blue base layer with protective pads on the chest and shoulders and elbows with yellow coloured protective pads.

The ProXV2 AIR shirt is soft, comfortable, breathable and offers unrivalled protection.

A dark blue base layer pants with protective pads on the hips and knees.

The Ultimate protective full length sports pant.

Rear shot of the Pro Vest XV2 Air protective base layer with a visible back protector inserted into the back.

Soft and comfortable using Becool breathable fabric.

Black protective base layer shorts with protective pads on the hips and buttocks area.

Using the most breathable  BeCool fabric, ergonomically shaped specific Isolator armour.

Grey protective knee pads with protective pads inside of them and the Forcefield Body Armour logo in the middle where the knee cap goes.

The Pro Tube XV2 Air is designed to we worn on either the knee or elbow.

The first polyamide fibre with integrated airflow control.





Through a four channelled section, BeCoolTM fabric has a greater diffusion surface than ordinary rounded sections which acts like a miniature fan.


A mechanism designed to create a gap between your skin and the fabric, extracting heat and humidity out through the material.


Designed to be a vent to enable cool and dry air to come through and circulate from outside in.

A diagram consisting of a zoomed in cloth layer on a flat surface showing how the airflow of the base layers works.
Using a specially formulated hyper elastic polymer, Forcefield Body Armour has created their Isolator Armour range which offers super thin protection with outstanding performance. Rigorously tested and certified by SATRA to EN1621-1:2012.
A diagram showing how heat anticipation and shock absorbtion works with Forcefields back protector.


Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material - unique high density formulations and added memory properties ensure the very best energy absorption and the ability to withstand multi-impacts.


All armour is fully vented for increased airflow and maximum comfort in use.


The smart materials react to a little body heat, resulting in even more comfort and a secure fitting.


Unique 3-Dimensional moulding characteristics make the armour feel like part of the body.

A diagram showing how heat anticipation and shock absorbtion works with Forcefields back protector from the side.
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