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A Defender logo which consists of a black square and a yellow D with a thin white ring around it and blue arrows showing that they are bouncing off the black box.
Logo of Thermolite consisting on a thermostick outline in black and white and red text saying thermolite.
  • Wind-proof Defender® fabric

  • Thermolite® thermal insulation

  • Hollow core fibre technology

  • Flat seam construction

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Fast drying

  • Lightweight

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Forcefield Tornado 2 Neck Gaiter offers the best possible protection against extreme weather. The large gaiter ensures your neck and chest are protected even at high speed in winter.  Windproof, thermal, anti-bacterial, light, fast drying - keeps you comfortable even when wet! Now in a fresh new colour-way and improved fit.

Tornado 2 keeps the wind out, and has thermal properties - the perfect combination as a mid layer.

Our Defender fabric (forward facing) is wind-proof, water resistant and breathable, it has a water-resistant rating of 8000mm, so will help keep you dry should your outer jacket let in water. Defender material also benefits from having a micro fleece lining. The material we use to complement Defender is Thermolite. Thermal and breathable even when wet, Thermolite® fabric is made with engineered hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation and dries 20% faster than other thermal material and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is also anti-bacterial stopping the development of bacteria caused by perspiration, both with little weight, no bulk, and a soft feel.  

Every aspect of this high performing, mid layer has been developed within  product range that has evolved over a 10 year period.

Tornado 2 clothing works best when used in conjunction with the Forcefield Tech 3 Base Layer range of products, creating the most efficient layering clothing system.

Product Code: FF5034

Sizes Available: Universal

RRP £22.99

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